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The amount of unblogged manicure pictures in my nail folder is embarrassing!

If it was embarrassing then I don’t know what it is now.

At the time I loved wearing this manicure.dd garden goddess


azature blue glitter

all the blues

Different dimension holo’s are so creamy and smooth! Unless mei mei has a sale I don’t really buy from the brand. What with import duties and all that.

I used the lightning bolt stencils to apply azature’s blue.

Thank you


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Pink polar bears

Let’s pretend this wasn’t written last year and left in a pile of unpublished posts like it was. Some rewording was needed.

The first Christmas polish January 2015 I used was my O.P.I bearest of them all from nail loopy. Had the perfect idea for it.

polat bear pinkMy polishing skills were obviously on holiday that day it seems. The pink needed soooo many coats  -_-. I used the thin chevron stencils to add a bit of fun to the manicure whilst combining all three polish colours.

Not sure what to call my absence from my blog. It’s been very much a topic of I will blog I swear! but it just never happens. My life/work balance is very one-sided. Starting to think I’m a workaholic. Seeing as I’ve managed to upset the nerve in my leg moving stuff out of the office I decided I could blog whilst resting it.

I have been painting my nails just not as much. Currently they are half picked at, and have been since thursday. It also means less time = my rubbish phone camera skills.

Thank you.



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I can’t believe I never posted my graduation nails on here. Mind you it was the week my life became hectic.

picture polish grace grad

graduation nails

grace none sunlight copy

My picture polish collection is tiny, and consists of 3 polishes. Grace gets used a lot! At the time I was living off the shops wage, which isn’t as much as people think so I couldn’t afford to buy pp grace for graduation to match my dress. It bummed me out a bit as I wasn’t looking forward to graduation at all. Then along came a surprise package from Saira and Susan containing grace and too fancy peacock parade, as a congratulations. Made me well up and shed a tear. My friend kiran got me hard candy date night that was the perfect match for my accent nail. The graduation cap vinyl is what I gave my besties who all wore them on their graduation days as well.

Although I was a horrendous nervous wreck, and they pronounced my last name as davies I had a really good day!

Thank you

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This is one of those manicures that didn’t go to plan.

nails inc navy jelly

nails inc mapple leaves

autumn leaves

Please ignore the tip wear on my pointer.

Raphael Street is a stunning polish with its copper and gold glitter floating in a sea of navy. Only down side is it’s a thick polish, and not in the ‘oh it is in need of thinner thick’ way either.

Ok so the design you are meant to be looking at is leaves. Mainly maple leaves. Not sure if it looks like them ha ha.

Thank you.

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When the white rabbit is right

“I’m late, I’m late. For a very important date.”

My date being Christmas. Not sure how, but I did manage to get plenty of Christmas manicures done. Except I never had time to blog about them. As per usual Christmas was manic and full of rushing around. Then I went back to work. In the past 2 weeks there has been a lot of change. Along being constantly stressed over applying for a new job (the same job just not on maternity cover) that I desperately wanted, which I did get YAYYYYYY! I’m now a permanent member of staff. I’ve finished my voluntary mentoring just finishing off the scrapbook. Found a new balance in the shop that is working well, and started driving lessons again. Well my second one got cut short due to the stress making me a tad crazy and unfocused.

*ok so its another week since I wrote all this to finish it*

After that word vomit let’s go look at Christmas.

polish me to go

Now I can’t actually remember what I used for the base colour, but I did top it with polish me to go’s 2013 whats indie box exclusive polish. It glowed in the dark, just not as much as I had hoped it would.

sparkly blue villageAs you can see these nails were rushed, and I had no time for hand care LOL. I used the village view stencils for the accent nail.

snowy tree

triangle tree

Ok so my hunt for triangle glitter paid off….6 months later. A fabulous lady on IG created a triangle tree, and I can’t remember who it was. I decided to go for a snowy tree with a snowflake topper on top of a frosty background A.K.A the yellow nail coverer.

For this manicure I started off with ILNP black orchid, and used the present stencils on top with a-England St George to coordinate with the tree. These nails were pretty, but the black cherry chipped ridiculously fast. Not sure why either as my other 2 ILNP are fine. Will use it again to see what happens. Fortunately me for me my accent nail stayed put, so before the works christmas party I slapped on a holo red to get in the festive spirit.

decorating the tree

snowing treeSo I may have too much going on in this manicure, and realised that fact after it was too late. It made seeing the thermal change really hard.

orly mirrorball

These were my Christmas day nails! I loved them so much they even went into the new year with me. Holo wins me over nearly all the time lately.

Thank you



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