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12 Days of Christmas challenge 1

Lets get this baby started. Today is the first challenge; Christmas tree. For me its A Christmas tree.

Being the lazy creature I am I worked my old mani into my Christmas tree mani. Having applied a-englands bridal veil the day before there was no way I was taking it off when it was perfectly fine. Pinterest provided me with the perfect Christmas tree mani. So I got my masking tape out section my tree off, and then decided no striping tape. That is a perfect example of my laziness why use striping tape when I can use my striping polish.

You would never have thought that I took an A level in art, when I thought using a dark green would be noticeable against a black. Yeh so my tree was originally green. Then I thought well if I highlight the edges of the tree it will be more noticeable. Nope. Well if I put the tinsel on maybe. Nope. The glitter strippers I own are a thickish polish. Painting over the tree wouldn’t work the tinsel would be showing, and I wasn’t removing it after all my hard work (excuse for laziness 😉 ). My friend the nail art brush decided to lend a hand and help me colour the sections of green  white.

My cousin has a white Christmas tree why shouldn’t I be modern, and enjoy a white tree. Then the dotting tool joined in for the baubles. Just having an accent nail was boring, so Inky helped me get my thinking cap on. I tried doing a glitter gradient without a sponge, but the polishes didn’t work like my models own northern lights did. Not wanting to get the nail varnish remover, because lets face it with my luck I would end up ruining my little tree. I slapped on China glazes Glistening snow. I feel no guilt over it, so its all good. My mom liked my nails, and I am pleased with them.

Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty for base coat. SV for top coat. a-englands bridal veil for base coat. O.P.I my boyfriend scales the walls for my tree. L.A. Colors art deco stripers in silver and gold, Nails in in park street and Chelsea embankment for all the sparkly bits.

One down 11 to go.


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