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12 Days of Christmas challenge 11

After this challenge there’s ONE more left :O where has the time gone. Here’s a bit of tinsel for you.

xmas challenge

This has been the easiest challenge of them all. I would have said holiday song, but you all know I did it left handed. The brush on the China glaze pure joy was small which saved me from using my stripping brush. For the design I googled tinsel nails, and did this bloggers design.


Used the same dark green as I did on the ornaments challenge. So it would represent a tree. Personally I cant stand tinsel, and if it touches anywhere other than my hands I start itching like crazy. My fiancé was the one who chose the tinsel colour for me. Well he gave it to me. He got me the all that glitters China glaze set, and gave it me early. Pure joy was THEE tinsel shade. Have to say he was pretty spot on. The glitter needed two coats to get to this coverage.


Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty. Nails inc in Bruton mews. Chine glaze pure joy. Seche vite.


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