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12 Days of Christmas challenge 2

Oh the joy of Christmas of Christmas songs, how great they are. NOT! The only Christmas song I can tolerate is Santa baby. Anything else is a no no. I know your all thinking BAH HUMBUG, but they drive me crazy. Thank god I’m never anywhere that plays them constantly, they aggravate me easily. Want to torture me whack some Christmas songs on!!! Guessed what the second Christmas challenge is yet? Yep you got it holiday songs.

My nails reflect how I feel about Christmas songs perfectly. They are crap. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose. When i saw the challenge I thought I should keep it simple, and I did. Alvin and the chipmunks did me a huge favour. Technically google did. My search was along the lines of ho ho ho lyrics. It gave me Alvin and the chipmunks Christmas song. I checked the lyrics for some ho ho ho’s, so I made sure I wasn’t cheating.

It was oddly really bright, and I could not escape the light in the house. Sorry for the pictures. Even got under the dining room table; It didn’t help. Here are a few more maybe you can see the ho ho ho’s better.

Probably looked extremely odd with half my body under the table, but hey. Writing on my nails is a first me. My hand writing is terrible so I feared it would be illegible on my nails. Turns out I’m not so bad even with a thick polish striper using my left hand. Why I forgot I was right handed is a question I will probably never be able to answer. It only occurred to me, because I thought “hey why is this so hard, and why am I holding my hand funny”. I don’t whether I’m getting ditzy, forgetful or just stupid. I truly shock myself sometimes.

They aren’t terrible, but my dislike for Christmas songs wins. This was the only challenge I was dreading, but I got on with it, and defeated it. By keeping it simple. Candy cane nails next, I’m excited to try them out.

Polishes used: Nails inc St James. L.A. Colors art deco striper in gold. No base/top coat was used as I removed them after pictures were taken.


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