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12 Days of Christmas challenge 3

Striping tape has got to one of my favourite tools to create nail art. Easy to use, and the designs you could use it for are endless. It’s greatness allowed me to create candy cane nails. Super cute ones that are neat. This challenge got me excited, and when ever I look at my nails they make me smile.

Due to having a new-found love for candy cane nails, I should warn you it’s going to be a picture heavy post. My little white Christmas tree nail was a big hit it seems, so I got to thinking if I can avoid traditional Christmas colours it could be my thing. The plan is to work modern colours into this Christmas challenge when I can. It may or may not be possible, but that’s what I’m hoping for.

For this challenge I’m working two different candy cane designs on each hand, and two different colours. It was fun to do. As I am being Miss modern I haven’t used red. Here we go:

Introducing the right corner blue candy canes!!

In the left corner its purple candy canes!!!

Ready for photo spam?

Without flash it’s bright in the house again. Me no likeee winter.

I will stop with the pictures now. This challenge fits in with my untried rule, which I’m glad of. It’s a bit hard to use untrieds when you need specific colours for a challenge. This was a three-step manicure. Day one I wore a-englands Morgan le Fay (perfect base colour for candy canes). Day two I used Sally Hansen Sally Hansen hi-definition nail colour in spectrum. In keeping with the shimmer. Day three I used Sinful colors I love you. All untried, and new purchases.

This challenge was all about experimenting, and having fun for me. I didn’t think my blue hand would survive, as I had placement. Lucky for me it did. As usual I used Sally Hansen double duty for my base coat, and sv for the top coat. This is completely irrelevant to the challenge, but if you are going to buy Sally Hansen double duty get it from Superdrug. I noticed in Boots it was £2 more expensive :O.

I am really happy with this challenge, and how it worked out. I hope you guys are with yours.


P.S. Dont worry I will be using traditional colours for my snowmen nails.

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