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12 Days of Christmas challenge 4

Snowmen are hard to make if you ask me. When you get to the half way point you are frozen, and I hate the cold so I scamper inside to the fire. Now I don’t ever need to go outside to make a snowman I can make them on my nails.

I  decided to do a youtuber called cutepolish’s design for snowmen, but instead of just doing an accent nail I would do it on them all.

They were easy peasy to do. The most time-consuming part was layering the glitters, and waiting for them to dry. Now I didn’t watch the video, so I may have done it different to the youtuber.

This was the only picture I could get showing the blue shimmer. Sorry for the photo being out of focus. Well any really, I’m trying to be organised. I may be rushing.

Me being me wanted a softer white, as I find O.P.I.’s my boyfriend scales the walls to be a very sharp colour even with the hint of grey in it. So three coats of No7 nail tip whitener went on. Then a N.Y.C. no named blue shimmer. Then to give it a bit of texture I used O.P.I pirouette my whistle. I tell myself the white hexes are snow. For Mr snowmans face I used my ever faithful dotting tools. Voila snowman nails easy peasy style.

Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty, No7 nail tip whitener, N.Y.C. in i104A, O.P.I. in pirouette my whistle, Model own nail art pen in black, Collection 2000 in 238 and Seche vite.


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