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12 Days of Christmas challenge 5

It’s Christmas movie time!!!! Now in my Halloween post I mentioned The nightmare before Christmas. The Christmas tree going up, and Disney channel airing The nightmare before Christmas screamed Christmas to me as a kid.

Originally I did look into the gremlins, and the snowman, but after wanting to attempt a jack nail for ages I thought why not.

When I applied sv it dragged a bit, but I’m not too bothered that he looks a little ragged. Lets face it he is in the film too. I am pretty proud of myself. I expected him to turn out looking nothing like Jack at all to be honest. From afar you cant see where I touched him up with the white.

Just doing an accent nail is what I felt most comfortable doing for this manicure. As I didn’t want to make my mani look messy. I did think about doing stripes of white on my other nails, but if they hadn’t have turned out ok I would have been really disappointed so I left them. Everyone I asked could identify who it was, except my dad. He has watched the film many times, but thinks I attempted a scream mask. Couldn’t help but to laugh.

Polishes used: Sally Hansen for base coat. Sv for top coated. Models own nail art pen in black. a-england in bridal veil. O.P.I my boyfriend scales the walls.


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