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12 days of Christmas challenge 6

 I have no words for this mani, it’s annoyed me THAT much. Twice I’ve got the camera out, because the glitter didn’t get along with the camera ughhhhhhh.

My friend Mr striping tape came to help today. Theres a few pictures, I’m you can tell whats going on in at least one.




Wait for it the best picture I got was to send my friend on my phone, ignore the background.


Sorry about the blur on any of them. I couldn’t decide on my rosey coloured or blue glitter. Guess I should have gone with the blue would have made the ribbon lines more prominent. I LOVE the colour of this pink glitter nail inc Chelsea square. I dislike pink glitters, because they are always bubble gum pink or light pink. This is such a soft rosey coloured pink it seems antique. Instead of doing a bow which I was sure to mess up I added a baby blue star. My first ever 3D accent. I thought it was going to a pain to attach, but it wasn’t.


Polishes used: usual base and top coat. Models own in champagne. Nails inc in Chelsea square.


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