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12 Days of Christmas challenge 9

xmas challenge

We are  so near to the end now! Today you have a treat from me……A little drawing depicting my design.


The wreath will be on the middle on the middle, and the ribbon hanging will be on the others nails. This is what I was aiming for anyway. This is what I got:


Did it translate across? I’ve had a lot of good feedback of everyone about my use of non traditional colours, so my nails had to match my tree. I bet your thinking ‘huh whys it pink’ well the only white I own that isn’t part of a French manicure set is OPI my boyfriend scales the walls, so I used Sally Hansen’s crinoline which is a pinky white. Honestly the I should have probably just crinoline and the opi. Using French manicure white didn’t stand out. My family of dotting tools helped as per usual.


I stuck with my purple baubles from the tree as well. They looked lonely so I added some more in China glazes champagne kisses. Then added my ribbons on. Creating a wreath is really easy, I would suggest it to anyone.


Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty. Nails inc in Bruton mews and Park lane. O.P.I my boyfriend scales the walls. No7 tip whitener. Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in crinoline. L.A.Colors stripper in gold glitter. China glaze in champagne kisses. Seche vite.


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