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A £1.99 winner

For a while I’ve considered picking up a Lacura polish from Aldi to try them out. The cost £1.99 is a steal. The polish got added in with the rest of the shopping. One thing I would query is why the long box for such a tiny polish.

lacura nail poish

Get my point? So odd. There aren’t a huge amount of colours available. I picked up pepper mint. It’s nice and bright ready for spring. Please go away winter.

lacura nail polish pepper mint 2

The lid was a problem for me. Its a bit on the small side for my hand, and hard to get a grip on. If you think about the price, then you can’t moan really.

lacura peppermint

This is 2 coats which I think is great. Lately more often than not I need 3 coats for most colours to gain full coverage. I’m hoping the the white colour will have the same coverage. The bottle is small enough to keep in your bag, and ideal to take on holiday. Unfortunately I can’t comment on the drying time, as I used Seche vite. I will be buying colours from this range again, as I feel the polish is great and very cheap. Good for the purse polish is what I call it.


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