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A big ole’ mess

Last Christmas I brought my second O.P.I nail polish, bring on the bling. The beauty of it was the colour tied in perfect for Christmas with its flecks of gold, red and greens, but it was on SALE!!! Now in the area I live I struggle to find O.P.I nail varnishes which is shocking as I live in a city. The only place that sells them is a little beautician shop in our local shopping centre. So imagine my glee when this little ditty is sitting on the counter for £7.00.

Just look at all that glitter. Can you tell I like a bit of sparkle yet?! I have very odd traditions at Christmas like I must have new pyjama’s to wear on Christmas eve, and a new outfit for Christmas day silly I know, but its been happening since we were kids. At the time I worked in a care home, so nail polish was a no no. I had worked Christmas the year before so I had it off last year, and thought I’ll be patient, and paint my nails Christmas eve. They looked fab and festive. My sister and nan then joined me in my sparkley nail brigade. A couple of days later my precious bring on the bling was left on the kitchen table waiting for me.  I got home from shopping with my mom and aunty to my nan telling us she’s dropped it on the kitchen TILE FLOOR; poor thing didn’t stand a chance. I got over pretty quickly as the polish was on the table, up the doors and on the wall paper. Clean up took a while I tell you. For weeks we hid they big patch of glitter underneath the kitchen stool from dad o.O. Whoever says bleach removes it or nail polish does must have some pretty phenomenal elbow grease I tell ya. Plenty of both has been used repeatedly. A las we have given up, because it can be hidden. This is what remains nearly a year later.

So naturally I went back to the shop I had purchased it from, and they had none what so ever 🙁 When I finally tracked it down with the help of Ebay I had to pay £10.00, but I don’t mind I adore the damn thing too much.


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