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A bit of comfort

My poor nails and hands had been through some tough cleaning, from carpet scrubbing with remover, lots of cleaning, and then they got covered in emulsion. I had started the base of 2 different manicures, and they instantly died from the above work. I had a stressful time with a stamping plate, but lets not get into that. I felt I needed a pick me up, so my untried cycle got broken and I cracked open two favorites

nails inc & a england

My beloved nails inc covent garden ballet, and a-england she walks in beauty.

covent garden shimmer



she walks in beauty swatch

She walks in beauty was chosen for its pink glitter reflecting the pink shimmer in covent garden ballet. Not sure if it comes across, but I like it.

I did do a little bit of tape nail art, but I either didn’t take a photo or accidentally deleted ๐Ÿ™ a little bit sad about it, as they looked good.

Last night I got thinking if I had a last minute fancy dress party I could slap on she walks in beauty, and my gold sequin dress and be a piece of gold. Random I know.

Thank you



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