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A change in formula

When my Models own champagne collection had been ordered I was going to keep the champagne colour for my giveaway stash as I already own the colour. When it came I tried them all. It wasn’t until after I realized that I had forgetten I owned the champagne shade, but the thing is I’m pretty good at remembering colours. So I had to do a comparison to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

models own comparision 2

The newer version is on the left, and the older version is on the right.

models own champagne comparision 3

models own champagne comparsion

The difference isn’t substantial, but the left shade appears more copper.

models own champagne comparision 5

As soon as the first coat had dried I noticed the difference dramatically. The formula on the right is the better of the two by miles.

models own comparision champagne 4

The older formula is on the left this time. Seen as it’s opened now, I think it will be a stamping polish only as I’ve had success with mystic mauve from the this collection with stamping.



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