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a-england Bridal veil

Super quick post for you. The legends collection has led to many longing stares off me. Those 6 holo beauties just call to me. Being able to get Bridal veil in Adina’s recent sale made me happy, happy, happy. Just look at it.

All those pretty holo particles floating around. When I applied bridal veil it was late at night leaving me no time for top coat. The next day I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t so sparkly, and really dull. Then when I added top coat it transformed into its bottled beauty. Before the top coat it didn’t suit my skin tone at all which worried me, but once the sparkles came out the black appeared softer against my skin tone. Now I know this pictures aren’t great, but here it is.

The came out when I was on the motorway without a camera. Typical. In direct sunlight it is amazing. Sadly I can’t show you, but check out swatches on line. The holo particles are so vibrant and rich.

Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty used as a top coat, and base coat. a-england bridal veil.


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