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a-england saint george

When a-england announced their anniversary sale it was time to complete my collection. Wish I had got Galahad :(. I thoroughly went through swatches of everything I fancied. Which was a lot, but settled on three. One of which was saint George.

a-england saint george

My SV caused shrinkage 🙁 So I decided to play around with gradients…….again. I used a-england Tristam.

a-england gradient

I came up to far on the nail with the gradient. For my liking anyway. After covering the terrible index finger shrinkage with my gradient SV went and did it again. Oh well. Then I got the stamping itch.

stamping over a gradient

8 of 10 worked perfectly!!!!! Feel like I’m getting somewhere with this stamping business now. Only down side is the colour was really subtle over the gradient.

stamping bm212

The Sally Hansen insta-dri worked really well for stamping. Thanks for recommending it people.

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty. a-england saint George and Tristam. Sally Hansen insta-dri in presto pewter. Seche vite, and a make up sponge.


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