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a-englands Morgan Le Fay

When Adina had the last sale I order the bridal veil and Morgan Le Fay duo. I wasn’t sure what I thought of Morgan Le Fay, and couldn’t find many swatches on-line that made me think wow. It seemed a pretty colour. I have to say I am really glad I own it.

It’s perfect for this season. Looks like frost in a bottle. We all know how frost is sparkly, especially if you have slipped and end up staring at the ground.

The shimmer in the polish is evident at all times. With or without a lot of light. The colour reminds me of a shimmery pearl. After 3 coats the polish is the same colour, as it is in the bottle. I had the slightest visible nail line with 3 coats on, but if you against seeing your nail line I would recommend 4 coats.

The flash off the camera made my nail line more visible, but I assure you in standard light it wasn’t as obvious. As with all my other a-england polishes it dried very quick. It is great for a base for nail art or as a topcoat I used it on my sister here as a topcoat, well kind of top coat.

So I wasn’t going to show it you as a nail art base (it’s my candy cane challenge :O), but its Christmas time so I will spoil you.

I am really pleased with this colour. a-england is a brand I would highly recommend to anyone.


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