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A green indie party

Rubbish title I know.

Life has become stupidly busy, and frankly I don’t like it. I no longer have late nights; this is truly shocking as I’m a night owl by nature. My bloglovin feed is over flowing, and I’m getting a bit OCD about my nails A.K.A if they chip I avoid doing work for a valid reason. Ok so it’s only just become a valid reason.

The manicure coming up cam about when I was helping my mom fill in a job application. It took 3 hours!!! Obviously it made me freak out about applying for jobs after university has finished. Enough of my rambling let’s get onto the manicure.

st patricks day manicureReallllly dislike how the nail shape looks on photos, but not in real life hmmmm.

fgtep july

I’m incredibly lucky to own this Enchanted Polish and I will forever adore the lady who made it possible for me to have it. Especially seen as I tried to stay up for the restock and release of July at 2, and then fell asleep half hour before. Nothing new really in the EP world, but I will forever be happy with the 2 I own and at the actual price not the stupid ebay prices.

For my St Patricks day manicure I started off with EP July, and FGT polish Irish luck on my ring finger for a bit of bling. Then for the four leaf clover I stamped with a-england dragon. The peacock feather to me is lucky, and frankly I’m obsessed with peacocks so it was only right I added the gold peacock embellishment from the shop.

If you’ve read it all I thank you for reading my rambling.

Thanks for looking.

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