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A neon wonderland

I’m venturing into a somewhat uncomfortable territory again for me personally. This time with a neon theme. I’ve tried a couple of neons, and they have been a failure either due to my paleness or they need undies. It was on a whim that I picked up China Glazes flying dragon on sale at Sally’s. I purchased the neon version, but when I compared it the bottle to the normal version I couldn’t tell the difference.

china glaxe glistening snow with llWhen I first came across Lush Lacquer’s clowning around it didn’t piqué my interest, but it slowly grew on me. I got my grubby hands on it with the help of Saira. I am hooked!! I’m drooling over chicks rule, blurple, splish splash and freckles………and some of those have bar glitter and I despise the stuff. Lush Lacquer must be working some spell on me, I want them :(.

After seeing clowning around on top of China glazes glistening snow on instagram I knew I would be working the combo. Thank you to whoever thought of matching them up.

lush lacquer clowning aroundThe pink and blue glitter in flying dragon won me over. To me it seems like  a very unique combination. I don’t like the finish though, it dries matte -_-. Nothing a bit of topcoat can’t fix though.

china glaze flying dragon neonFeels a bit odd to like something neon, other than a few bracelets I can’t stand it usually.

Thank you 🙂




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