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a plain kind of day

Only had time for something plain today. Life has been a bit hectic, and its taking a while to get used to my new schedule. This polish was a present. It was calling for me to use it.

constance carol cranberry

I’m not big on metallic, but this baby has changed my mind. It’s a really vibrant red. This little ditty got a lot of attention off people oddly. It is called cranberry, but a friend of mine said it should be fire engine red. The best part about this polish is its a 1 coater, and dries quickly :O. Wonder if the other colours are the same.

constance carol

The polish is by Constance Carol its called cranberry. Mine cam from eBay if that helps.

Little bit of Swishie info: probably about half my polishes end up with polish on the cap, because I’m a mucky pup.

Thank you.

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