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A splash of art deco

I have a huge appreciation for the 1920-40’s. The clothes, the architecture, and lets not forgot the charleston. In the past I’ve dedicated a whole art project to it; the fashion side. The architecture is fabulous, so when I came across this tape manicure by Coewless I had to try it. Warning my nails are a horrible length, but I’m not letting that stop me.

tape mani art deco

Since the new year I’ve kept my self on track with the untrieds. This is O.P.I live and let die. It was the only one out of the skyfall collection that appealed to me, and I was lucky enough to pick it up on sale. The gold is Avons gold vision. I really like this manicure, and may recreate for my birthday. Coewless’s are phenomenal, and I’m glad she did them because I got excited at the aspect of doing something fun on my short nails. It wasn’t as fiddly as I thought it would applying the stripping tape.

avon gold vision

My nail’s got the chop, as that horrid crack in my thumb invaded again, and another appeared further up. Poop. It got to the point when I was applying pressure to the corner of my thumb and it was a bit sore. It doesn’t bother me to cut them off, but they are a bit too short this time.

My clean up skills aren’t getting any better either much to my dismay. I got away with out cleaning up 3 this time. After my birthday I may buy liquid palisades see if I get anywhere with that.

Products used: Stripping tape. Sally Hansen double duty. Seche vite. O.P.I Live and let die. Avon gold vision.

Thanks 🙂

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