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A very girlie tape manicure

Rocking pink nails is not something I often do, but I am right now. I don’t hate pink, it just doesn’t shout out to me. If I counted how many pinks I owned I would probably be shocked though. The only reason I used pink is because I may have a tad problem with having to use/wear what I’ve brought, as in the next day; terrible I know :/. So without further ado my girlie nails.

Look at all that sparkle *-* This manicure is also my first successful tape manicure!!!!

I made the silly mistake of letting it dry before I took the tape off, in the past….a couple of times but shhh. Then the next thing was no matter how many times I stuck the selotape to my skin it always left sticky marks on my nails grrr. So I thought why not try masking tape if it doesn’t fetch paint off walls maybe the same will apply to my nails. Guess what? it worked. Wanna see my tape space?!

Professional I am not haha.

For this manicure I used lots of masking tape as you can see. H&M’s city and zoo duo, Models own southern lights, No7 base coat and of course seche vite. I do have a feeling this manicure isn’t going to last. I give it till Saturday. Now I’ve sussed this tape manicure business out I want to attempt the heart next, and once my nail have grown horizontal. My nails have had the chop due to thr big ass split right in the middle of my nail on my thumb, and I can’t get to it. Its too far into the nail, so I’m taking precautions! My nails grow super fast, so its nice to chop them off now and then.

Thanks 🙂

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