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**Amazeballz sorry about that.

It’s certainly is amazeballs! I have waited 7 weeks for amazeballs. I missed one restock. Now I have it I’m getting twitchy thinking I need a back up. Blogger problems or what?! Get ready for picture overload.

nails inc st james snowflakesamazeballs2013 xmas2 dec 2013Amazeballs is fabulous, and crazy reflective. It’s a top ten polish for me. Originally I only had amazeballs and nails in St James on, as I couldn’t decide what I wanted. Soon as my sister saw my nails it was a case of do mine. She was undecided on having snowflakes, so I quickly, and I do mean veryyyy quickly stamped the snowflakes on. If that wasn’t blingy enough I added the red bows on this morning. Everyone should go to Lacquistry and buy it!!

Thank you.


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