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The only part of Autumn I like is the leaves falling, and the variety of colours we get to see. Autumn means cold, and we are that much closer to winter  -_-

autumn leaves

Margaret surprised me with the HB06 plate!! SQUIRRELS all they way. Ours hasn’t reappeared in the garden since september, and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t gone into hibernation.

squirrel nails

This manicure feels like a bit of a fail to me. It took me ages, and then I messed up slightly so I rushed the rest ughh.

golden squirrel

My squirrels stamped perfectly then the top coat made the left hand one run :'(.

earthy toned autumn nails

I started off with a brown base from nails inc and then sponged a bunch of metallic’s on top. Then stamped the leaves on, which are on the same plate. On the ring finger I used a gorgeous burgundy/ox blood-red, and top it with the Sephora by OPI gold leaf top before stamping on Mr squirrel.

Thank you Margaret, and everyone for reading.




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