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Barry M a beginners journey….Gelly shine failure

So far I own 2 Barry M polishes. Aqua glitter, and croc effect in burgundy. I LOVE the croc effect.

I own crackle polish. I’m not a lover, but if I’ve used a polish I really like and it’s showing wear I sometimes apply silver crackle. It’s a cheap crackle I paid a pound for. When I first saw the croc effect advert it was just another fad like the crackle effect. Then I saw a swatch, and needed this baby. Believe it not I could not get my hands on the burgundy colour anywhere near me. I went to the shopping centre, and town twice had no luck either times. Natasha helped me in my plight and sent me one! You have to wait a few minutes for the croc design to appear. Became a bit paranoid it wasn’t going to work, but once it started it was fun to watch. I did forget the other day I had to apply it on semi dry polish. Whoopsy on dry polish it just flakes off. So far so good.

Natasha also sent me the aqua glitter, and its such an easy polish to use. It’s a 4 coater for full coverage, and the build up is easy. No dabbing glitter on in places. Liking this polish a lot too.

Now on to the BAD one! My sister-in-law owns the gelly hi-shine in grapefruit. It’s neon to me, and not a colour that I would ever choose. Sometimes though you just need to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You never know you could end up liking it. Yeh so it wasn’t the case for me. Be prepared for some rubbish photos; I can’t take photos of my nails on my phone to save my life.

barry m grapefruit gelly hi-shine

This is 3 coats, and a layer of avons freeze dry spray. Look how shiny it is!

barry m grapefruit

In the shade it’s still super shiny. See what I mean about it being neon. maybe it’s just my skin tone, but that is definitely neon.

barry m grape fruit gelly

My palm really isn’t this long, no idea why it looks it. I had to rush and take these photo’s as I noticed a few tiny dents had appeared. Then believe it or not I wore knitted lined leather gloves, and no more dents/material print transferred. When we got back from walking the dog it had been an hour and a half since application. Then I decided to laze on the bed. Looked at my shiny nails and the horror :O bed sheet print!! I wasn’t too bothered as seche vite would fix it when I got home.


I gave up on the SV as continually the polish was marking. 5 HOURS LATER this huge dent decides to greet me! What is up with that?! How can it not be dry after 5 hours!!!!? This journey into something new was a failure, BUT I tried.

barry m gelly hi-shine grapefruit

I now despise this little bottle -_-! I had to include my positive Barry m’s in this post, as I didn’t want it to seem like I was hating on the brand, because I don’t. They are a great brand with a large variety of colours, and styles for such a cheap price. More often than not they are on offer. Maybe this gelly was a fluke, but I wont be going there again with the gellys. Moaning over :).

Thank you.

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