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I promised some of the girls on twitter I would join in on the breast cancer awareness month manicures. I don’t think I can do pink all month, and my manicures will most likely be simple. Life’s decided to become rather crazy, and the little free time I have is precious. Even if that includes just laying on the sofa doing nothing.

Back to BCAM. Cancer sucks there’s no simpler way to say it. There’s been a lot of it in my family, and one dear friend of my dads. A few of my aunties have been affected by it in either full-blown cancer, or having cancerous cells (it’s rather confusing that one, and a long story). It’s horrendously scary having an ultrasound to check for it as well, which I myself have had. I mean a dark room, and EVERYONES dead silent your brain starts going places.

Onto a more positive light. In my teens I did the race for life, no emphasis on the race part; I did a mixture of jogging, walking, and running. Now for a secret of mine that most people don’t know or don’t see. A lavender cancer ribbon graces my left hip. I got it along with some family members, when a tattoo shop was raising money for cervical cancer. Lavender was chose, as those loved ones have been affected have had many types of cancer.

Now for the Funny part……I passed out after the outline was finished (my physiotherapist was rather annoyed as I had only had my back operation 8 weeks ago). After a huge amount of embarrassment, and a lot of questioning of are  you going to have it finished? of course I bloody was. That baby got done, and I never want another tattoo again. My own fault for going for the hip really. Enough of my personal stuff lets move onto the manicure!!!

sinful folly and iconic effect holo topcoat

This is Sinful colors Folly topped with Iconic effects holo topcoat. Practice is needed. The accent finger is the right amount of topcoat for me. The topcoat dried pretty fast which I have to say shocked me.

out of focus iconic effect holo topcoatI couldn’t resist showing you guy’s an out of focus shot of it.

Lots of personal stuff in this post, but I felt it was right.

Thank you 🙂


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