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Birthday haul

Better late than never right? Honestly I got spoiled on my birthday a hell of a lot. I wasn’t bothered about my 21st birthday at all, then everyone went and spoiled me! Not that I’m complaining.

bday presents

These were my first lot of early presents from Skeeter. I’m a Sinful color lover through and through, maybe its the quality for the price, or the wide amount of colours with gorgeous shimmers in. I’m not sure, but I love em!!

birthday presents

My second early present was off Inky. Essence, Sinful colors and Whimsical ideas by Pam are all brands I can’t get hold of in the UK. Sally Hansen also hasn’t released mermaids tale here, and I’m not sure if they will. That baby was on my wish list for its awesome dupeness of Deborah Lippmanns across the universe. Skeeter and Inky attacked my wish list amazingly, but they are amazing supportive ladies anyway. It sucks that I’m not in the same country as these two ladies :(. Thank you, you pair!!! Love you.

my nieces haul

These are from niece and Tiggy the cat. Yes new glass nail file! That copper glitter is calling to me, seriously its begging me to use it. I’ve already started on the crystal suede’s. Now my niece knows I got problems she questioned me on do I really need another polish? She’s 8!

seventeen haul

Technically these aren’t presents, but my other half insisted buying them when I picked them up. So I’m classing these as presents, because it was on my birthday that I got them. 17 colours have appealed to me a lot lately. Thanks to everyone who spoiled me and made me feel very special on my birthday!!!

Thank you.

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