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Butter London Chancer….lotsa Christmasy sparkly!!

You know when you see a brand that’s expensive, pretty, and maybe slightly only a little bit feel like EVERYONE owns it but you. Well I kind of felt like that about Butter London. It’s one of those brand up there with the likes of Deborah Lippmann. I do fortunately own a DB polish. Mermaids tale it was a birthday present, and I will say I used 3 coats with no topcoat. It lasted a whole week before chipping. Not that I can afford DB, but you know I can dream, and maybe indulge in the future. So when polly polish, and Abby from nothing personail mentioned it was in Tkmaxx I jumped on it! Now I know I’m on a no buy, but how could I pass up the chance? They only had the chancer gift set.


The set cost £9.99. it retails for £21.00, and is on offer for £16.00 at the moment on Butter London’s website. Good deal if you ask me. I would only use the lipgloss for a night out as it contains loads of glittery bits like the polish.


O.O look at that sparkle. The bottle kind of threw me a bit as I didn’t expect the top to come off, but when you think about it how hard would it be to paint with that huge top. It appears to dry pretty fast once on the nail, and only needs two coats for full coverage. I like the look of one coat even if its sheer, I might try on top of white. I feel it needs a topcoat, as without it the glitter is sparkly, but the base its in looks slightly matte.


My nails are extremely short as the ends of my nails were flaking, so I chopped them off give them a break. Turns out my mediumish neat skills don’t transfer over to short nails…poop :/.


Okay this little picture is seriously rubbish, but from the camera to computer something happened and chopped the bottom off. Anyway I’m hoping you can see the light/shadow difference. It really is like two different colours in one bottle. Got to say I love the colour and sparkle. Lets see how long it lasts on my nails. I’m hoping I can get two fingered salute in the sale. We shall see.

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