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Cat kuku

Today we have my other purchase from Tara’s talons cat kuku.

nails inc royal mews and taras talon cat kukuI’ve finally gotten round to making my own chevron decals. I wouldn’t say it went fantastic, but it worked. Out of the needle dragged marble strip I only got 2 chevron decals. One for each hand. They strip was that flimsy it made it complicated, and the majority ended up looking off. Both strips ended up being stuck down off centre, but at least they match.

For the needle drag decals I used O.P.I. no room for the blues, and Sally Hansen casting call to reflect the colours in cat kuku.


taras talons cat kukuI absolutely adore this colour and glitter mix!!!! The base colour was highly pigmented, and whats you can see is one and a half coats.

handmade cheron decalNow for the downside the formula for me personally was terrible. It was thick, and the polish seemed gritty like the Zoya pixie dusts. Texture polishes aren’t my thing at all. I am hoping with a bit of thinner it will make the polish easier to use. In the photo’s I have 2 coats of Seche Vite on, and for me to be comfortable with it I would need to add another coat.

Next time after I’ve add thinner I am going to try one coat on top of O.P.I. no room for the blues, as the base colour is nearly identical.

I think it’s just this polish, as Scintilla from Tara’s talons formula was spot on. The formula issue on this hasn’t put me off the brand though, and I’m hoping this issue is just with this polish.

Thank you πŸ™‚



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