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Polish Days – To boldly go

After reading the polish days email for this month and seeing spacey words everywhere my mind jumped to MIB. Men in black 1, 2 and 3 are all films I could sit and watch repeatedly. All I could think about were the worm guys and frank. Now even my OH even agreed if I had attempted the worms they would have looked like sticks; maybe even dodgy trees. Frank was a no go with my amount of skill. Thankfully Susan and Casey helped me out with the idea of Orion’s belt and the black suits.

polish days june 2013 copy

🙁 My suit nails are a mess. Don’t know what was going on with my painting skills at all yesterday. The suits and ties where all done using bits of tape. Clean up was terrible I  ended up with 3 beaten up cuticles. From afar the suits don’t look too bad.

polish days men in black

For my galaxy nails I started with a-englands bridal veil. The scattered holo is perfect to represent millions of stars. Then I added a bit of nail foil which is a blue and green gradient foil. My gosh I love the stuff, it gives the galaxy so much depth.

To make it look like more than just nail foil I sponged on O.P.I. Catch me in your net, an unknown purple Yes Love, and China glaze fairy dust. Then I just dotted on Orion’s belt. In some pictures it showed the stars dead on straight, but on others the middle dot was slightly off centre. I went with slightly off centre.

polish days june 2013 copy

On my left I dotted Orion’s belt on the wrong way oops. I really enjoyed this challenge. It got me trying new things, and me moving out of my comfort zone (hate wearing plain black with no sparkle or shimmer). As I said previously from afar they aren’t too bad and I can live with that.

Thank you 🙂

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Polish days no.5

Sadly this polish days challenge was rushed. Your getting something bog standard, blame my 54 page journal! No wait don’t…..I got a bit possessive over the assignment, and didn’t want to let all my hard work go. Getting myself back on track now I give you the blue/teal ombre. 5 nails + 5 colours = polish days no.5

blue-teal ombre 5

ombre 5

This photo was done right before I typed this so sorry. Also took this photo in the opposite order to my nails *sigh*. We have: Astor in 116, China glaze in exotic encounters, Sally Hansen in fairy teal, No7 in so neat and China glaze in for Audrey.

Oh and I completely messed up on my thumb when cleaning up.

Thank you.

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Polish days seven deadly sins: Lust

I joined polish days wooo. I’m pretty excited for this months theme, all thanks to my new water decals I ordered!

yrnails decals 1

Pin up girl decals!!!! When I saw these decals they had to be mine, along with a few other pin-up designs on the site. I adore pin-up girls. If I ever had a large tattoo it would be Vivienne Westwoods naughty Alice pin-up. Anyway getting back on track. I’ve never used water decals before, this is my first attempt. I chose this little lady sitting pretty.

yrnails beach pin up decals

There was no plan for this manicure just excitement over using new purchases. Like my new maybelline with its lovely jelly with scattered holo glitter.

chevron french tip

The colour isn’t a wise choice for the decal, but it feels like a secret within my manicure (I swear I’m not crazy).

sitting pretty nail decal

My nails are painted rather messy; sorry it was a rush job. The chevron french tip came about, because I had tip wear appearing. Bridal veil vamped it up, and dare I say made it a bit sexy?

first chevron french tip

I’m excited to see the other entry’s now.

Thank you.

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Everything BUT the kitchen sink challenge 4

My hesitation to joining this challenge was unneeded. This challenge has been really easy, and perfect being 1 challenge a week. Now as you’ve probably noticed I like to recycle old mani’s/swatches. I can’t bring myself to remove my mani’s after a day unless I can’t stand it, its way too messy or there’s a huge chip. Making an old mani into a kitchen sink mani takes less time than removing the old one, and starting fresh.

Any guesses which mani I didn’t want to remove at all? Nails inc Covent garden ballet!!! I may be a tad obsessed with that little bottle.

nails inc covent garden ballet

On my thumb I attempted my first gradient without glitter polish involved. Index finger how I love thee! Ever since I viewed Polly’s triangle tape manicure it became MUST TRY O.O. A kitchen sink mani seemed the perfect time to try it. I gotta give it to Polly she must have some real good patience. It’s a bit fiddly to do, but the results are worth it. My niece peeled the tape of, so I didn’t get wet polish on my other nails. My middle finger I left plain, because the colour is amazing. My ring finger is stamped with bundle monster 215 plate using Covent garden ballet again. Those little triangle gem’s have been on my to use list for a while. They compliment the triangle tape accent rather well. The only downside side to the triangle gems is they are thick. Which makes applying top coat a bit annoying.

Decisions, decisions which kitchen sink mani has been my favourite? This one. Challenges force me try me things which is great. Usually I avoid things as I think no way am I going to be able to do that. Yes there may be some things I’m rubbish at, but a majority of the time it turns out I can do it.

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty. Nails inc Covent garden ballet and The Thames. Bundle monster plate 215. Striping tape. A sponge. Triangle gems and Seche vite.

Check out the other: Amanda’s, Nicole’s, Wes’s, Inky’s and Claire’s

Thank you

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Everything BUT the kitchen sink challenge 3

Kitchen sink time again. These are lots of fun to do. The colour theme for this mani was holographic silver glitter, and a berry colour. All inspired by my Barry M croc effect polish. I apologize for the tip wear I didn’t have time to take pictures when they were fresh.


Having swatched Paul & Joe’s pixie I thought why not have some fun with it. The ring finger is my favorite. After I had my fun I didn’t want to remove it. On my pinky I created a simple design with my stripping tape. Something funny happened; some of the blue from the tape transferred to my nail hmmm odd. I left pixie on my middle finger plain as it’s nice and sparkly.


On my index finger I applied Nails inc Picadilly circus. One of my absolute favorite polishes! Then I attempted to stamp the fan design. This was the second attempt. There’s still bits missing, but hey I’m OK with it. To match my middle finger I stamped with Gosh’s holographic hero. I was running out of ideas for my thumb, so I stuck with a glitter gradient using models own stuff from the disco collection. Clean up on this mani didn’t turn out so great. Case in point the ring finger near the cuticle. Clean up consisted of a dark car, iphone app torch, and travel cuticle nail varnish remover buds whilst on the way to a restaurant. The iphone kept moving when we turned corners. I need to brush up on travel removal skills ha ha.

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty, Paul & joe’s pixie, Nail inc Picadilly circus, Models own hot stuff, Gosh holographic hero, Barry M croc effect in burgundy, Bundle monster 215 plate, Stripping tape, and Seche vite.

Check out the other: Amanda’s, Nicole’s, Wes’s, Inky’s and Claire’s


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