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I can’t believe I never posted my graduation nails on here. Mind you it was the week my life became hectic.

picture polish grace grad

graduation nails

grace none sunlight copy

My picture polish collection is tiny, and consists of 3 polishes. Grace gets used a lot! At the time I was living off the shops wage, which isn’t as much as people think so I couldn’t afford to buy pp grace for graduation to match my dress. It bummed me out a bit as I wasn’t looking forward to graduation at all. Then along came a surprise package from Saira and Susan containing grace and too fancy peacock parade, as a congratulations. Made me well up and shed a tear. My friend kiran got me hard candy date night that was the perfect match for my accent nail. The graduation cap vinyl is what I gave my besties who all wore them on their graduation days as well.

Although I was a horrendous nervous wreck, and they pronounced my last name as davies I had a really good day!

Thank you

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3 in 1

There is a pile of manicures awaiting to put into posts, but I decided posting the christmas ones was more appropriate. I feel awful neglecting the blog, but I honestly have hardly any free time. Social networks  seem to be the only the place I speak to people who I don’t live with or work with.

In all honesty I’m posting because I have a rotten cold that has been brewing since Thursday! Thankfully the nose only started today. Not likely that I could tote a huge box of tissues and a bin round with me at work, or the office really. Have to say I am SO glad I took my moms advice about taking vitamin C when I started work (my immune system is pants). The only thing I’ve had since I started work is one huge migraine, but I can work in the office with that kind of. Sorry for the rambling….

To catch you all up I am loving my new job role, which is a very very good thing considering most days after work I head to the office and my off days from work are spent in the office. At the moment I love both jobs even if doing the two jobs is tiring I really get a lot from both. Office wise a new VERY expensive cutter was purchased, and my god it’s so much faster. The Mr is still teaching me the ropes with the design program it uses.

Due to my lack of time I decided to post all three of my Christmas manicures in one post.

1st xmas manicure 2014

Ok so this is my cheater manicure. I did it October whilst testing out new vinyl designs. No one actually questioned the snow flake in the middle of a Halloween manicure aha. That holo white you can see is vapid lacquer and it has become a staple in my go to polishes.

north pole

north pole polar bear

north pole 2

Expect some manicures that aren’t cleaned up (sorry) in the future. That should sum up my amount of spare time ha ha ha. Nearly all manicures are done whilst watching an episode of orange is the new black with the Mr in bed. Kind of in love with the cuteness of this manicure.

fair isle

fair isle 2

Now this manicure got wrecked so fast, and well it was unfair because I loved my accent nail. The fair isle water decals in the shop I actually couldn’t nab because the stock was selling faster than I expected, and I couldn’t afford not to put them into stock (got the cutter that week). When I mentioned this to a friend in mid shop new stock chat she ordered me a pack in her order and refused to let me refund her.


The support of customers is heart warming, and I am so thankful with everyone’s patience. So that’s where I have been in a rather lengthy post.

Thank you!!


P.S. Does anyone know why ear ache is really painful for me since having and ear infection? Yesterday I was so dizzy it from it I had to stop for a moment to stop it. Rather pathetic when all I have is a cold.


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Valentine’s day nails

Fun fact: I hate valentines day. Now I do take part in it with my other half, but I still think it’s a stupid day. You won’t ever catch me at a restaurant on vday paying silly prices for one day. Yet here I am doing full on valentine’s day nails…..Yes I worry myself sometimes but hey ho.

fgt pretty in pinkI decided to use FGT pretty in pink for my accent nail. Morie’s glitters are perfect for me.

valentines 2014Then on top I added some make it stick design hearts and arrows I got as a sample with my order.pretty in pink sparklesSee I was getting there slowly. This epic light pink filled glitter bomb is from Loki’s Lacquer and was a gift from Natalia when I brought a load from her blog sale. Yay for exchange rates.

lokis lacquerThis is 3 easy coats of perfection!!!

lokis lacquerI’m slowly seeing progress with my application skills. The only clean up I’ve done on my last few manicures has been topcoat clean up, as I slaver it on in a rush most of the time so yay me. Loving this manicure, and have already had a few compliments on it.

I’ve posted like crazy tonight as I seem to have accumulated a few blog posts, but haven’t had the time lately to post, but I have an ear infection and this is my way of relaxing.

Hope those that celebrate have a good day tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.

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Rawr says the dinosaur

You know when your up late and knackered, but yet you still stay up doing nothing product. Well thats what led me to make it stick designs on IG. Luckily for me there was a 50% off code, so I headed off to esty.

moms bday coloursI got me some dinosaurs in grey!!! Naturally they had to be paired with orange, as it was my moms birthday the next day and her favourite colour is orange.

dinosaur manicureRedid my index finger 3 times until I was happy with it.

orange and greyThey are so adorable!!

dinosaur skitletteI had to show mr t-rex even with the touch up jobby. He got wounded doing my friends nails. Sadly this started to chip all too soon.

Thank you for reading.

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What I want for Christmas

is  a new body or some new insides. Seriously its exhausting having a body as crap as mine. You would think having a major back operation would give me a get out of illness card or something, but nooo. Ok ok so I’m feeling sorry for myself, but I don’t care. I  handed my last assignment in on Tuesday and officially broke up for winter. Yet I still haven’t had my chill day to watch the jungle book I purchased for myself in Sept/Oct. These nails I will eventually show you should have been posted thursday night until…..I found a smidge of cat pee on my bottom sheet grrr. Everything snowballed from there. My niece ended up pretty ill and I spent the better half of the day with my niece and sister at the hospital getting her rehydrated. Damn chest infection, at least she won’t horribly on xmas now. Anyway being up for the majority of the night then being at the hospital I was lazy. Got on with the rest of the day, and eventually chilled with my sister watching american horror story and reshaped her nails almondy. The shape suits her rather well too. All of a sudden I start feeling sick which I thought was related to a health issue I have. Turns out it was a sickness bug……seven glorious hours of it. It didn’t end either. Yesterday was spent sleeping feeling crappy like I had the flu, and well today I’m not feeling as sick so I’m rehydrating myself. All the well laid plans to get rid of the presents were ruined.

These nails were for the christmas party in the class I volunteer with once a week. They all had a total blast seeing santa!


They didn’t turn out fabulous, but hey ho. I attempted to copy  miaonoirnails (ig) design on my index finger. I saran wrapped it with 2 greens to look like a tree, then a coat of a sinful glitter which in hindsight I shouldn’t have done. Then I quickly slapped the dots on. Should have taken more care with the dots as it doesn’t really translate the design well.

I actually was a huge lazy bum. My nails were at a ridiculously long length, and they curve as they grow. I didn’t have it in me to file then down, so I chopped them off instead. Ooopsy.

Thank you listening to my moaning.

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