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To matte or not to matte?

opi alcatraz rockspale as a ghost

On with the texture roll. Alcatraz rocks from O.P.I  is intriguing to me personally with the blue, pink and purple glitter in it. Tip wear was brilliant with this one.

Now this blue shimmer has probably been knocking around since this time last year……don’t judge me! Two easy coats too XD. Yay for L’oreal mystic glacier. Decided to jazz it up with a bit of a glitter gradient with I snow you love me from O.P.I.

On my left hand on the little finger I decided to try out my O.P.I matte topcoat, and well I’m not sure on a whole matte nail. It stayed matte the whole time I wore this manicure. Probably looked a bit loopy.

Thank you.

P.S. Who wants to take me on holiday? ūüėČ

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Texture gradient

that was a big fail.

bday nail failThe problem was I painted some of the blue on the bottom for a darker colour, then sponged some blue on. It just didn’t work, and my accent nail looks out of place.

texture gradient failHere’s the funny part I did a quick clean up, and it was better than my normal clean up aha.

Thank you.

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How many candles?

Haven’t had birthday candles since I was 18, and thinking about it the more you add the more likely I am to have a clumsy moment…..and no one wants a fire.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m pretty what ever about it now, but my nails have to be right for the day. What this idea of ‘right’ is I have no clue, but I already removed an ok manicure late last night. I’m also posting early as it’s a busy day tomorrow.

IMG_4545NPersonally cuticle oil on photo’s was niggly area for me until I no longer had time to moisturise often…..oops. My cuticles are terribly dry.

IMG_4548ZI am loving #party from the Tara emporium it is gorgeous!

IMG_4549AOn my accent finger I stamped a few things that I personally like. There are keys, birdcages, birds, music notes, and a heart on my other hand.

IMG_45A51The base is Essie smooth sailing which I only brought for it’s similarity to picture polish denim. The formula on this Essie is good, so I don’t understand why it’s so hit and miss for me with others from Essie.

IAAAMG_4552So not sure on the long nails, but to be honest cutting them down and filing them is a time consuming task that I don’t really have time for lately. Feel like I’m being stretched thin lately between uni,2 different lots of volunteering, and running the shop; I will persevere though!!!! It won’t beat me *do the running man*,¬†and now I’m rambling.

Thank you!

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I love you like XO

On Monday I went to see Beyonce’s Mrs Carter world tour for the second year running. It was interesting to see how she slotted her new songs into the show. It was amazing not that I expected any less. Now one of my besties has some serious luck, because our seats were AMAZING! We actually thought we were a block further down, but it turned out block 2 is what we thought was block 1. We were directly opposite the stage :O! We had such a good time and are going to try make it our thing. Attending Beyonce’s concerts that is.

One song I’m a bit obsessed with is XO, so I thought why no translate it to my nails.

gosh gradient

gosh xo maniOk so I know the gold glitter on my little finger doesn’t fit in with the manicures colours, but I didn’t realise I was going to do a silver heart, and I wanted to use all 3 polishes out of the gosh set. Originally the heart was going to be gold.

Anyone else find that oranges are a pain in the bum?! This one took 4 coats!!! -_- It’s the same with all my other oranges except a nails inc one, but even that takes 3 coats for full coverage. Good job I didn’t choose the pink as a base colour as that was look on the sheer side on the brush too. Even with all that though the colours look great together. Plus it’s the colour of an outfit Beyonce¬†had on¬†in the Crazy in love video.

I’m feeling rather proud of this gradient if I do say so myself. Once all the time consuming work was done I went to town with the studs. My thumb didn’t turn out looking great, but it will do. Now every time I look at my nails I start singing XO.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I have no clue where my Nailtiques has gone. I’ve looked everywhere. It needs to reappear as the Butter London base coat is just no cutting it.

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Subtle isn’t the word

My christmas manicure was supposed to be a subtle blue gradient with snow, and snowflakes. All I achieved was the snow business. Thankfully it stayed on my nails and didn’t snow outside. Afraid I don’t do snow unless I can stay inside till its gone.

For my gradient I decided to use O.P.I I have a herring problem and I don’t give a Rotterdamn. The sibling shades are a favourite of mine! Sadly they just blur into one shade for a gradient. Detecting the colour difference for myself was only actually possible due to using my fiances desk lamp.

xmas 13Then I ¬†added a layer of Daring Digits snow flurries. Such a simple but fun polish. Then stamped the snowflakes on using Barry M’s silver foil.


xmas day 2013 maniThis was a last minute job on Christmas eve that carried on Christmas morning. I tried to quickly stamp my nails before bed, but the whole nail of polish moved. Managed to flatten it thankfully. Sorry for the tip wear didn’t have chance to take a picture until later on. I’m still not back in my light box…..I have no reason why I’m not. Lazyness maybe?

That stupid bug spread as well, so poor fiancé suffered on Christmas night. I hope you all had a great holiday with family and friends!!

Thank you for reading.

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