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It’s that time again

Christmas time!!! Weirdly I’m not that excited to get the tree up yet, but after the 18th it will be going up. Hands down the tree is my favourite part of Christmas.

As some of you may know I run a little nail art accessories shop, and on my stock shopping I stumbled across some deers. I’m obsessed with them thanks to Bambi, so of course I had to buy them. It’s possible I’m going to hoard a few for myself too.

reindeer infamousMy camera does not like these deers, but I do have a better picture. Instead of doing full-blown Christmasy colours I decided to tone it down with teal’s. The teal’s were a gift off the lovely Margaret. Will you just look at that teal with micro glitters in!!! It’s amazingggggg. Added a bit  of stamping that I’m guessing is snowflakes. Have to say the Barry M foils are great for stamping. Let me just say yay for blog; got both of the foils brand new for 50p!

ulta infamous reindeer

Sorry for the bad pictures, but this week has been a bit odd. I managed to quickly snap these. My nails painting/clean up isn’t the best on this manicure, but hey ho. I’m very impressed with these deers. The quality and detailing is exceptional.

With the help of all you lovely people I managed to come second in Tara’s competition, and received my prizes this week. A huge Thank you!

I have feeling I won’t be painting my nails as often until after the 17th December. University assignments are around the corner. I’m about to start a new lot of volunteering, as well as carrying on my current one, and obviously running the shop with the help of my partner. Luckily all my Christmas presents are wrapped, and ready to go.

If your interested in the deers you can find them at She Sells Seashells along with other Christmasy nail decorations.

Thank you 🙂



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Polish Days – To boldly go

After reading the polish days email for this month and seeing spacey words everywhere my mind jumped to MIB. Men in black 1, 2 and 3 are all films I could sit and watch repeatedly. All I could think about were the worm guys and frank. Now even my OH even agreed if I had attempted the worms they would have looked like sticks; maybe even dodgy trees. Frank was a no go with my amount of skill. Thankfully Susan and Casey helped me out with the idea of Orion’s belt and the black suits.

polish days june 2013 copy

🙁 My suit nails are a mess. Don’t know what was going on with my painting skills at all yesterday. The suits and ties where all done using bits of tape. Clean up was terrible I  ended up with 3 beaten up cuticles. From afar the suits don’t look too bad.

polish days men in black

For my galaxy nails I started with a-englands bridal veil. The scattered holo is perfect to represent millions of stars. Then I added a bit of nail foil which is a blue and green gradient foil. My gosh I love the stuff, it gives the galaxy so much depth.

To make it look like more than just nail foil I sponged on O.P.I. Catch me in your net, an unknown purple Yes Love, and China glaze fairy dust. Then I just dotted on Orion’s belt. In some pictures it showed the stars dead on straight, but on others the middle dot was slightly off centre. I went with slightly off centre.

polish days june 2013 copy

On my left I dotted Orion’s belt on the wrong way oops. I really enjoyed this challenge. It got me trying new things, and me moving out of my comfort zone (hate wearing plain black with no sparkle or shimmer). As I said previously from afar they aren’t too bad and I can live with that.

Thank you 🙂

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