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Golden peacock

to get my nails painted. I’ve had two different nail shapes on each hand since Tuesday. Only to have sorted them out last night. I was going square again, but I wasn’t feeling them so I shaped one hand round and never got round to the other. Onto the manicure. I decided to do a ruffian with a vintage Sally Hansen Han got me for Christmas, and no7 galaxy from part of my present off my MIL and grandparents. sassy  frost ruffianTaboo dupe you are MINE muhahaha! Can you see the shimmer? peacock embellishment ruffianShimmmmmmer. Okay I will stop now. The weirdest thing happened last night I wanted to apply a coat of butter london’s hard wear topcoat before SV, and it was dissolving galaxy off the tips of my nail. It wasn’t shrinking it, but eating it O.o say whattt? Confused wasn’t the word for how I was feeling about it. glaxy shimmer As soon as I saw the peacock feather eyes I knew I needed them. Peacocks are gorgeous, and I even dressed up as one with a big fan on my back for my 18th, and a 6 year olds birthday. I really need to change the collar and back fan to hook and eyes, as the velcro is very restricting. I think they are a work  of art. Pure magical. The colours draw me in instantly every time. I’ve even dreamed about owning one if my house had enough land in the future. A whole load of them can you imagine it. Sadly that won’t ever be a reality my fiancé is scared of them, so is his sister too. They apparently look evil. They also make a lot of noise. Reminds me of screeching. Anyway back to the nails. The embellishments bend, and this time I did actually bend them. Don’t ask haha. There are a two on my right hand I didn’t bend enough but oh well. Two coats of topcoat sealed mine in completely. *personal blabbering coming up*   horsesI came across this picture on my memory card whilst getting the posts images off it. This was taken 6 weeks after my back operation in 2012. There was many stops along the way to Newquay, as I could only sit for long before I needed to walk. These gorgeous horses happened to be opposite the parking lot. The photo actually made me reflect about whats happened since, and in some ways I’ve shocked myself. 1) I’m still at uni, which I dislike passionately, but I’ve started it so I’m determined to finish it. 2) I’m more resilient than I thought I was emotionally. 3) My determination has doubled, and I’ve weathered some huge storms in my personal life. These storms we all have affect us all, but it’s how we overcome and deal with them that matters. Sorry to get all personal, but this week has been an odd one ,and I’m not complaining. I’ve put in over 50 hours work into the shop this week, and I’m so proud of what me and my fiancé have achieved. It makes me so happy to see people creating things with products we sell, and talking to the customers is so much fun. I wish so much that the shop could be my full-time job after university. ughhh dreaded uni, I really really don’t want to go back. I’m sure I will be fine once I’m back. We finish the degree in May, so I will plod on until then. Its rather scary as I will done with education for a good while. Higher education at a degree level anyway. Thank you for reading :).

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Conquering something you thought you would fail at is always great. Ruffian manicures have always been oh so pretty, but looked oh so complicated for me. I took a chance and didn’t mess it up woo.

ruffian zoya

ruffian pixie dust

Not sure how I feel about the pixie dusts :/. I will give it another try though.

shiny ruffian

Having a bad experience with zoya and seche vite I went with another topcoat. The dents just started happening I had no control, so I had to quickly snap a picture on my phone. Good job I did as when I got home it was that dented it needed removing.

These are the polishes. The periwinkle blue is zoya Jo and the pizie dust is Nyx.

zoya Jo and Nyx

Thank you 🙂

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