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All of the lights

Early morning blogging is something I going to ‘attempt’. I’m a night owl by nature and well that’s got to change come November as I start a maternity cover. Thought it was to start conditioning myself LOL. So that means 7 o’clock starts….don’t look at me like that I’m used to half 7 or quarter past 7 starts. Being self-employed means as long as I put in the hours it doesn’t matter what time I wake. Terrible I know. It’s going to be interesting to see how I do my nails, as I will be working 27.5 (i think) at the college and working the rest of my week in the shop. No ones dared mentioning quitting the shop probably because they know what it means to me. Anyway let’s get onto the nails.

opi lights of emerald cityIntroducing holiday nails from July! Lets hope I can catch up on posts quickly or we will have Halloween at christmas going on here aha.

O.P.I lights of emerald city is a shade I’ve eyed up for ages, but then thought nah I can survive without it. Personally I adore it on lighter shades, and when I saw it again I would google swatches to then talk myself out of it. Until that fateful day I found it on sale in Sally’s cheaper than it sells at my warehouse. On a side not my local Sally’s shut down :'(.

opi & bondiIt’s such a pretty glitter. I wore it layered over Bondi lady liberty. My sister wore it alone, and then my mom wore it on top of enchanted polish may. It got a lot of loving that week.

Thank you.

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Broken rules

Every manicure I try to use unused polish, but sometimes when I’m testing new products I need something I can rely on that I definitely know only takes 2 coats.

flowers and unicorns

Obviously I went with my faithful up colors holo and Sally Hansen wet cement.

Kbshimmer Elle was untried and just ended up thick blergh, like there is too much glitter in the formula so the consistency isn’t right especially considering it was only 2 coats. That one quickly exited my stash. I just realised that I don’t have a picture of a manicure from when I used will yule marry me. It did not go with my dodgy skin tone AT ALL which is a shame because its downright gorgeous! I have one kbshimmer left to try.

Thank you!


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Meeting fabulous people

At the beginning of this month I go to meet some fabulous ladies. As luck would have it Susan from dream wanders and Sabine from my polish stash were visiting London on holiday at the same time. So me, Hannah from Polly polish, Esther from fab fingertips, Nail loopy, Annette from rainbow connections all trekked up to London to meet up with Susan, Sabine and Saira.

Here’s what I wore on my nails:

glam polish high priestess

Glam polish high priestess is stunning!!! I no longer feel the need to own pp lagoon, as this is prettier in my opinion aka more glittttter.

keep calm amd carry on manicure

I had fab time meeting everyone, and feel Daniel was such a good sport for listening to our chatter. Sabine has a keeper there.

Everyone also saw my insane Essence love when we found the stand. I went wild and it still only cost £16!!! Obviously I popped into kiko and picked up a few.

Sorry to keep it short I’m squeezing some posts in between working.

Thank you.

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I’m feeling peachy

This post is nearly 2 weeks old O.O I swear I’m not being lazy! Things with the shop have gotten very busy and exciting. That combined with my volunteering and lack of social life has kept me away. Still I make time to do my nails which is the important part!

I’ve been pretty good shopping wise lately, but when Sally Magpies gives you a 50% off everything code you have to take advantage right?! I was very well behaved and only got two…..someone cart jacked my lagoon :'(.

One of the polishes was Lilypad lacquers I’m feeling peachy which I have been eyeing up for ages, and Saira has heard way too much about it. It was already on sale, and worked out to £3 something :O!! Think I didn’t buy it prior as there aren’t many swatches around, so I couldn’t see its real colour.

lily pad and water decalsNone of my photos do the holo in it justice, but trust me it is amazing and is a 2 coater! What I also found was it had iridescent blue micro glitter in it, which is prominent in non sunny areas. The idea of glitter mixed in with a holo put me off, but it is actually very pretty.

lilypad lacquer im feeling peachyorange holoAlthough it has peach in the name it id definitely orange and that makes me like it even more, as I wanted an orange holo.

flower decalsindoor im feeling peachy

Decided to add some water decals from She Sells Seashells after a full day of wearing it alone. It was the suns fault it was making me feel summery.

Odd question instead of manicures taking you less times as you go on, do they take you longer to do? because frankly my nails take forever to do. A plain manicure with a bit of filing takes me 45 minutes -_-.

Thank you.

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Fancy gloss sugar plum

Thermals how I love thee. Especially grey ones. Fancy gloss sugar plum has been on my radar since last Christmas, and then it became available over here. For some odd reason I didn’t take the plunge and buy it from the retailer, which was a good thing as I found it on a FB group cheaper.

fancy glossfancy gloss sugar plumIt’s a bit on the sheer side and has a thick formula, but I adore it! It dries to a waxy matte, but you know after a day of seeing the matte I cleared it right up.

Thank you.

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