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*I’m such a bad blogger I have a small stash of posts yet I haven’t posted anything in 11 days.

I don’t particularly like the critters with those thin creepy legs, but I do appreciate spider webs as long as they aren’t touching me!

soider web vynls

I did something a bit silly. I used a thermal over the top of the stencil, so you can’t see a difference in colour unless you stare it out big time with your nail nearly in your eyeball.

holo spider webs

I also asked my fiance if a thermal would work over a normal polish, and he was like why wouldn’t it? Felt a bit stupid but hey.

neon spider left

neon spider rightMy little spiders were stamped on, but the only issue was they weren’t very opaque. Got the dotting tool out to fill it in. Vinyl stencils are making my life so much easier, because I’m pants at freehand.

Thank you


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down feather duvet

I’m slowly catching up on blog post. This manicure was from around the 16th of July and I only remember that because I was trying to make my nails look cool for the kiddies where I volunteer. One little asks me every week what I’ve got on. A las they did not turn out well.

essence splash


essence splash stampingStamping hasn’t really been on my radar for a while. 1) I don’t have time for it. 2) Testing out shop products is more important. Which is why I got really annoyed with all this smudging. Never have I had this problem before, and it wasn’t the stamping either so frankly I don’t know!

The base for this was essence splash which nail loopy sent me. She is totally attuned to my favourite polish colours.

Weird title for a blog post I know but plain old feathers is pants. Plus I love my bed therefor I love my duvet….maybe a little too much.

Thank you.


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Meeting fabulous people

At the beginning of this month I go to meet some fabulous ladies. As luck would have it Susan from dream wanders and Sabine from my polish stash were visiting London on holiday at the same time. So me, Hannah from Polly polish, Esther from fab fingertips, Nail loopy, Annette from rainbow connections all trekked up to London to meet up with Susan, Sabine and Saira.

Here’s what I wore on my nails:

glam polish high priestess

Glam polish high priestess is stunning!!! I no longer feel the need to own pp lagoon, as this is prettier in my opinion aka more glittttter.

keep calm amd carry on manicure

I had fab time meeting everyone, and feel Daniel was such a good sport for listening to our chatter. Sabine has a keeper there.

Everyone also saw my insane Essence love when we found the stand. I went wild and it still only cost £16!!! Obviously I popped into kiko and picked up a few.

Sorry to keep it short I’m squeezing some posts in between working.

Thank you.

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Love letters

When I purchased cbl woodstock I couldn’t justify the postage for one, so I had a gander and chose little red corvette. Let the picture spamming begin:

cbl litle red corvette

cbl lrc holoThe holo in it is blooming strong!

cbl lrc with sparrows

cbl lrc

cbl red holoThe formula was perfect when applying it, but is prone to chipping. That could be down to using sv though. On the accent nail I used O.P.I mbstw and topped it with my holo topcoat to match little red corvette. Then I stamped with moyou princess plate 11 as I pretty much love that image. As usual I couldn’t leave the manicure alone, so I added black swallows from the shop thankfully it finished off the look of the manicure.


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Yes I’ve gone for a huge nail change! Are you ready?!

a england her rose adagioBOOOOOOOM

Have I blown your minds? no I didn’t think so hahah.

her rose adagioWhilst doing my dissertation I had some scheduled shopping: a england’s 3 year anniversary sale and moyou’s new collection were my stops.

I got plate 6 from the new hipster collection, and I adore the images. I did stamp one of the triangle designs on a few nails, but turns out I make straight lines wobbly with squishy stampers…..

moyou hipsterThis pinky rose toned beauty is her rose adagio, and I am loving the ballerina collection. When I first looked up the swatches I was on the fence, but I adore the polish.

Thank you.

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