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should have left it alone

When I heard chubby owl polish was shutting down I had a bit of NOOOO moment. I love her milky bases, so I proceeded to buy whatever took my fancy in her closing down sale.

uni pink neon jellyPink paloma is gorgeous…then I went over board adding things. Like that china glaze orange that insists on forty thousand coats, and therefore looks thick.

pink an orange uniOh well no doubt I will go ott again.

Thank you.




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Easy peasy negative space

Sorry it’s been quiet around here I’ve been super busy.

Back in may or possibly early June I managed to pick up colors by llarowe Woodstock. Whilst I do love the polish I’m a bit disappointed because in all the swatches I found it looked more chartreuse and well it’s not. It is plain old yellow.

cbl woodstock Soooo I can be lazy and this is an example of it. I just slapped some of single chevrons on my nails from she sells seashells and painted away. To say it was a rush job it came out shockingly neat. colors by llarowe woodstockLook at the sparkle!!!

Thank you for visting.

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Mint malarky

I did expect to use my Sally Hansen nail strips whilst doing my assignments, but I didn’t need to; major yay as my sanity was saved.

mint mani

This nail shape seems pretty great at the moment. My nails seem to be stronger, and look less witchy as they grow longer. None of them file perfectly, which bugs me  as I can file my sisters this shape perfect. On that note she had them done at the college she works at and they were not good at all. It was a major mix of pointy and rounded….

Saira gave me this green texture for my birthday, so I decided a green manicure was needed her being the girl with the green nails. The other green is Tara’s talons glory, along with hashtag party a beloved glitter from Tara.

Thank you.

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Mini egg nails

I have had a lovely easter sunday. As per tradition we go down to my Nan and granddad’s (in-laws). There was some great food and deserts, and then some crazy puzzling with my sister-in-law, aunty, and Nan.

mini egg nailseaster14

I swear it’s my last bunny manicure for a while. 3 in a row is a lot, but look at the cuteness. On my nails I have models own in swan, and on my ring finger I have a free nails inc unknown shade and the bunny decals from she sells seashells. Then I used a chevron decal to look like the cracked shell of the mini egg partially covering the bunny.

Thank you.

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She’s a Monet

That line from clueless sums this manicure up. From afar its pretty, but up close it’s messy. Now I’m on a bunny rabbit roll it seems.

bunny decals All polishes used here except from the blue are the Ciate doll house collection. The sad part about the collection is they are mattes which I wasn’t aware of, so they were drying to matte super fast. With topcoat I still find them pretty.

bunny colour blockingI am really loving the bunny decals from the shop, and the add such a fun element to this manicure.

ciate doll houseClean up went horribly wrong, so I had to touch it up and decided not to risk it with more clean up. This took way too long to do. The least time-consuming part was the water decals.

Sorry about the cuticle oil.

Thank you.

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