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Fading flowers

The end of summer is nearing sadly. This means all the bright and beautiful flowers are disappearing too. Which is why I decided to do some bright flowers following very Emily’s picture polish blog fest tutorial.

very emily tutorial followedIntroducing my new silver holographic polish (well new to me anyway). I have wanted a new silver holo for a while, as I find gosh holographic hero a pain in the butt to apply. It’s been downgraded to a stamping polish now. When I was ill in Wales I ended up watching QVC and wedding programs when I could find one. Any guesses what I saw on QVC?

Why yes it was a couple of the nails inc hours. Royal mews was the one I drooled over….among others. On a side note lets hear it for having no signal so I couldn’t use my credit card to buy all the nails inc hahaha. As you all know I’m a cheapo, and frankly I wasn’t paying full price for the polish. Biding my time and digging through ebay paid off I got this, and another for under £3.00!

nails inc royal mewsRoyal mews took 3 coats for full coverage. Then I followed the tutorial which is easy to do. I will admit I was knackered on sunday so I did this lying down leaning on one arm. I only added the flowers and dots, as I wore Royal mews on it’s own for a wedding on Saturday.

hola holo

Thank you 🙂


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Glitter gradient

Easy is how I would describe this manicure. This manicure being my very first glitter gradient. I do love me some sparkle, and my how sparkly my nails are. Gradients with a sponge is something I have never attempted, as they seem messy and time consuming. Lazy I know! So whilst I was adding to my huge list on Pinterest I came across Katy’s tutorial. Suffice to say I will attempt more of her tutorials.

My nails are really short 🙁 but the stupidly irritating break finally grew out YAY. The rest of my nails had to suffer DUN DUN DUN. The past few manicures I have done have been super bright; so I thought I would calm things down by using a lighter colour.

For my glitter I wanted to complement the pink, and Model own northern lights was perfect. I’ve only recently tried Models own polishes, and I gotta say I’m impressed with them especially the northern and southern lights from the new wonderland collection. Now for my left hand…

Ahhhh I caught the edge of my thumb with nail varnish remover, but it wasn’t that noticeable except on this picture ha. I really didn’t want to remove this manicure. I loved the colour’s together. It was pretty surprising how much the glitter caught the light. I would highly recommend using Katy’s tutorial, and will definitely attempt her pansy tutorial in the near future. Sometimes I think damn I’m picture heavy but I enjoy blogs that show me the products as well so I’m following suit. How funky is my background?! Its my mac skin, since I’m a bit lazy I try to work with whatever backgrounds in front of me.

Polishes used No7 2 in 1 base coat, Ruby & Millie nude 8000c (doubt its available anymore its an oldie), Models own northern lights, and seche vite top coat.


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I follow a crazy amount of blogs, and a majority of those are nail blogs. Although I haven’t got the natural talent to create amazing free hand nail art, I do attempt tutorials some of my favorite bloggers have posted. A couple of weeks ago the idea of starting my own nail blog planted its seed, and so it started…………

Whilst checking my RSS feed last week I came across the nail polish wars sponging reptiles post, and thought WOW that looks like fun. As you can see mine hasn’t turned out as great as the lovely Nicole’s has, but as they say practice makes perfect. I do have to confess my 7 year old niece had to help me!! Shameful I know.

After using my base coat, I applied 2 coats of O.P.I’s I have a herring problem (I love the silver shimmer in the polish). I then attacked it with a shower puff, and then a sponge. Both new as lets face it that would be a tad gross if they were used. For the life of me i could NOT stretch out the net, and sponge on the polish. So i enlisted the help of my 7 year old niece. Even with two of us the pattern just wasn’t working for me. I don’t think it helped that the lighter blue didn’t create much of a contrast. In came No7’s Betty blues and saved the day, well slightly. We tackled the net differently, and voilà!! Although it hasn’t turned out amazing I think its alright for a first try.

The polishes I used were: a really old No7 2 in 1 base coat, O.P.I’s I have a herring problem, Avon nailwear pro’s vintage blue, No7’s stay perfect Betty blues, and between layers a coat of seche vite.


P.S. for months I had no idea what SV stood for when looking at blogs how embarrassing.

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