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Etude house is making my childish dreams come true

Warning: this isn’t a normal polish blog post.

Yes a rather lengthy title, but sometimes it is needed!

As a child I liked Disney. Bambi and Beauty and the Beast being my favourite, but then it involved into a full blown love affair as I got older. I honestly am trying very hard not to purchase all the limited edition shiny sleeved Disney dvd’s. And yes when I went to Disney land florida you can bet your bottom dollar I stalked all the characters for photos. My favourite being Meeko.

So with all that in mind my friend went to Singapore. I had just started my job at the college, and forked out most of my money on work wear. Whilst she was over there I noticed Etude had released a Disney line!!! Still I was behaved and she said she had seen a few bits. Then Annette posted the most fabulous Disney villains scarf a H&M Singapore exclusive. So I may have begged Saira to get me one if she found it. Well she did, and I got a few other Disney surprises from Susan and Lauretta!! Thank you yet again ladies!


Lauretta got me the frozen inspired hand cream which smells divine. Saira got me the scarf and Cinderella eyeshadow for Christmas, and Susan got me the Jasmine polish set!



It even has a little mirror on it, and everything!

Ok so this blog post may be all about pretty packing rather than showing you the products, and I have no shame in that because well I’m like that ha ha.


This eyeshadow has become a staple in my work make up, but lets talk about the pretty packaging! Each of the three eyeshadows have a different coloured pattern on top. I’m hoping to purchase the other two as they are all earthy tones.

IMG_5820All of the nail polishes come in little book boxes which are truly adorable!


Now do you see why I’m in love with this brand?! and the scarf. Hoping to buy 2 of the lipsticks, a blusher and the other 2 eyeshadows from the range.

Thank you.

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show us your hearts

#showusyourheart nailsI’ve entered my very first nail art competition O.O. Feels odd to say that. Bit miffed Instagram didn’t like the above photo -_-.

all the pink hearts nailsThe thought behind the competition is great! It’s to spread the love and positivity in the nail community. All you have to do is incorporate a heart, and write a bit about someone. My support network is great, and I could have picked anyone of them, but I really wanted to focus on the nail community. It was obvious for me to choose Inky whisker’s. As I said on instagram she really helped me in improving my nail art skills, and general nail painting skills. She helped make my birthday special after I told her I wasn’t bothered about turning 21. We talk about the most random crap half the time, but I know I could talk to her about serious things as well. Most of all she is my polish mama!!!

nail heartsMy idea actually translated to my nails really well. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I painted a load of squares (way too many) in different shades of pinks on a sandwich bag. Little tip I’ve always ended ripping my lacquer sheets using tweezers to pull it straight off the bag. Now I stick down a long piece of tape, and paint part the tape and then the bag. I find it works better long as you have good quality sandwich bags. Peel the tape towards the lacquer and it should work. Then I just hole punched my little squares.

An overlapping line of hearts looks pretty cute I think. Very apt for valentine’s day.

right hand heart nailsHere’s my right hand. My base isn’t very neat, and I struggled with formula of nails inc Mayfair last night. Was a pain in my butt, but it’s such a pretty colour. Bad formula equals terrible right hand. You win some, you lose some oh well.

shimmery glittery heartsSparkly glittery hearts. My inner girly girl is impressed haha. Please excuse the bubbles. My Seche Vite is having a wobbly today.

If your on instagram go enter the competition!!!

Thank you 🙂






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Today I have my very first U.K. indie from Tarastalons. I pounced on the two I liked when the shop restocked. Someone stole the one I wanted from underneath me the other day…..well not literally I just feel a tad bitter the pretty was sold.

scintilla tarastalonsScintilla is a white and lavender glitter topper. The base is full of tiny silver glitter allowing you to see the base colour, but also making it shimmery. The bigger pieces of glitter are lavender and white squares and hexes. I am looking forward to trying it on top of other pastel polishes, and darker colours come autumn. The only downside is the brush. I needed to dip it in the polish a couple of times to cover one nail, but then it is a mini 5ml bottle. The formula was perfect for me a.k.a no fishing. You will be seeing another one of Tara’s polishes soon, and I’m excited to use it after this polish.

Essie navigate herMy base colour was a stressful one. The lovely Wendy saw me moaning on twitter about my no buy (at the time; I’ve decided to call it a low buy now). My polish monster was shouting at me to buy Essie navigate her. Wendy popped up and gave me hers as she doesn’t like the formula. I can see where she is coming from! First two coats were streaky, and the third was perfect. Except every coat bubbled!! I have no clue why at all. This is my fourth Essie and I only love the formula on one. What gives do Essie’s hate me and Wendy or something? Navigate her is the perfect green for me. It is a beautiful shade, pretty sure it matches my wallpaper in my room. Once I added scintilla the bubbles went into hiding thankfully.

Also thank you again Wendy!!

scintilla and navigate herYou guys I need your help kind of. What do you think about my nails being squared off? I can’t decide between my normal shape or squared off. I feel they look acrylically squared off; do they?

Thank you 🙂



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Getting shapey

I really should learn doing my nails and working with stripping tape with a headache doesn’t work well.

Getting my tape on again with a design I’ve seen on Polly polish, and have attempted previously for an accent nail.

 light tape mani

This wasn’t my original plan for the holographic base, but I’m so glad I changed my mind. The pink is one of my untrieds and I love it.

holo tape manicure

Not my best, but it does the job.

dark tape mani

The holographic isn’t very strong in these photo’s, but its pretty evident in real life (that makes sense right).

avon and gosh

Yep I used Gosh holographic hero, and Avon’s Arabian glow polish in funky fuchsia which I snagged in the sale book yonk’s ago.

Feeling a bit off my game lately, and when I get to clean up I seem to get fed up half way through. Need to get myself out this rut.

Thank you.

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