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3 in 1

There is a pile of manicures awaiting to put into posts, but I decided posting the christmas ones was more appropriate. I feel awful neglecting the blog, but I honestly have hardly any free time. Social networks  seem to be the only the place I speak to people who I don’t live with or work with.

In all honesty I’m posting because I have a rotten cold that has been brewing since Thursday! Thankfully the nose only started today. Not likely that I could tote a huge box of tissues and a bin round with me at work, or the office really. Have to say I am SO glad I took my moms advice about taking vitamin C when I started work (my immune system is pants). The only thing I’ve had since I started work is one huge migraine, but I can work in the office with that kind of. Sorry for the rambling….

To catch you all up I am loving my new job role, which is a very very good thing considering most days after work I head to the office and my off days from work are spent in the office. At the moment I love both jobs even if doing the two jobs is tiring I really get a lot from both. Office wise a new VERY expensive cutter was purchased, and my god it’s so much faster. The Mr is still teaching me the ropes with the design program it uses.

Due to my lack of time I decided to post all three of my Christmas manicures in one post.

1st xmas manicure 2014

Ok so this is my cheater manicure. I did it October whilst testing out new vinyl designs. No one actually questioned the snow flake in the middle of a Halloween manicure aha. That holo white you can see is vapid lacquer and it has become a staple in my go to polishes.

north pole

north pole polar bear

north pole 2

Expect some manicures that aren’t cleaned up (sorry) in the future. That should sum up my amount of spare time ha ha ha. Nearly all manicures are done whilst watching an episode of orange is the new black with the Mr in bed. Kind of in love with the cuteness of this manicure.

fair isle

fair isle 2

Now this manicure got wrecked so fast, and well it was unfair because I loved my accent nail. The fair isle water decals in the shop I actually couldn’t nab because the stock was selling faster than I expected, and I couldn’t afford not to put them into stock (got the cutter that week). When I mentioned this to a friend in mid shop new stock chat she ordered me a pack in her order and refused to let me refund her.


The support of customers is heart warming, and I am so thankful with everyone’s patience. So that’s where I have been in a rather lengthy post.

Thank you!!


P.S. Does anyone know why ear ache is really painful for me since having and ear infection? Yesterday I was so dizzy it from it I had to stop for a moment to stop it. Rather pathetic when all I have is a cold.


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Boo kitty

boo kittys


I adored these boo kitty nails, and when they chipped I was all “booo” myself.

boo kitty left habd

There is a long-winded story about kitty rescuing leading to the water decals, but I will save you.

bewitching nails

Too Fancy Lacquer light shades are becoming a major love of mine. Must behave and not buy anymore….

kitty mix halloween

I wanted to show you my full boo albeit it being blurry. Water decals and vinyls stencils are my go to these days. Life is so much easier with them for me.

Thank you

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Fabulous florals

Sometimes I get to steal some of the shops stock. Not very often though, and other times I have to test it out. Vinyl lines now get tested by me and another nail blogger before I put them up for sale. This time it was testing full nail water decals!

flowers flowers

ragged tulip decals

They were so easy to use it was actually rather shocking. I expected them to be really fiddly, but they weren’t. It was truly a 15 minute manicure!! :O. Had lots of compliments on them, and they lasted a whole week, so I was very happy……..and gutted they had to come off.

Naming products is getting so hard, so I decided all water decal that are floral will be named after special people. Working through my family, but these were named Mabel after a very special lady I used to know and will always remember.

Still have lots of manicures stored away, but I’m already in Halloween mode so I may have to juggle things around. It may be a mix of normal, work appropriate and Halloween manicures. My nails might change shape a bit through out ha ha.

Thank you.

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I’m feeling peachy

This post is nearly 2 weeks old O.O I swear I’m not being lazy! Things with the shop have gotten very busy and exciting. That combined with my volunteering and lack of social life has kept me away. Still I make time to do my nails which is the important part!

I’ve been pretty good shopping wise lately, but when Sally Magpies gives you a 50% off everything code you have to take advantage right?! I was very well behaved and only got two…..someone cart jacked my lagoon :'(.

One of the polishes was Lilypad lacquers I’m feeling peachy which I have been eyeing up for ages, and Saira has heard way too much about it. It was already on sale, and worked out to £3 something :O!! Think I didn’t buy it prior as there aren’t many swatches around, so I couldn’t see its real colour.

lily pad and water decalsNone of my photos do the holo in it justice, but trust me it is amazing and is a 2 coater! What I also found was it had iridescent blue micro glitter in it, which is prominent in non sunny areas. The idea of glitter mixed in with a holo put me off, but it is actually very pretty.

lilypad lacquer im feeling peachyorange holoAlthough it has peach in the name it id definitely orange and that makes me like it even more, as I wanted an orange holo.

flower decalsindoor im feeling peachy

Decided to add some water decals from She Sells Seashells after a full day of wearing it alone. It was the suns fault it was making me feel summery.

Odd question instead of manicures taking you less times as you go on, do they take you longer to do? because frankly my nails take forever to do. A plain manicure with a bit of filing takes me 45 minutes -_-.

Thank you.

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She’s a Monet

That line from clueless sums this manicure up. From afar its pretty, but up close it’s messy. Now I’m on a bunny rabbit roll it seems.

bunny decals All polishes used here except from the blue are the Ciate doll house collection. The sad part about the collection is they are mattes which I wasn’t aware of, so they were drying to matte super fast. With topcoat I still find them pretty.

bunny colour blockingI am really loving the bunny decals from the shop, and the add such a fun element to this manicure.

ciate doll houseClean up went horribly wrong, so I had to touch it up and decided not to risk it with more clean up. This took way too long to do. The least time-consuming part was the water decals.

Sorry about the cuticle oil.

Thank you.

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