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Chevron experimenting

I’m a bad blogger I’ve had some posts ready on here, but I haven’t had the time or even the energy to post when I have time.

For those of you who follow the shops social networking profiles you will see we are venturing into vinyl. It also means I get to test them out ;).

ugly colours

Please ignore the horrid colour combination. These are the small and large relaxed chevron stencils, and of course Cinderella. Couldn’t help but think she is saying WT* and it made me giggle every time.

Poor Cindy isn’t as glossy as she usually would be as my Seche Vite randomly smashed in the mani bag -_- had to put up with the fast (slow) drying Butter London topcoat.

experimentingThis was worn for 6 days before I could get a picture, and as you can see there was no time for clean up and it wasn’t executed very well in the start off. This manicure features the large chevron stencils, and the hat wearing bunny (he is the bomb).

watermelon chevronWatermelonnnnnnnn thumb. My other hand never ventured into the land of green chevrons o.O.

Thank you.

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