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Chowder :D

I really have my niece to thank for introducing me to Chowder, because I blooming love it! All the silly stories, made up food, and the mixture of colours with hidden patterns . Which is why I got so excited to see Chowder on a stamping plate with lots of other cartoon characters.

chowder nails right

Starting off with my right hand today, and I have to say I’m pretty proud of it.

chowder nails left

Chowder doesn’t really make much of an impact with the glitter. So I decided to fill him in. Not the best, but it does the job. I was way to tired to even attempt the other hand, although he has coloured in feet lol on the right hand.

My index and ring finger present some of the patterns hiding in chowders clothes.

chowder mix

Not sure how I feel about having my nails squared off. Finding them a bit annoying with everyday things. We shall see how it goes.

I was so EXCITED for the stamping plate, but I just find it complicated to use -_- which is annoying with how much it cost (end of assignments present to myself).

Quick run through on my little finger is Nails inc Putney Bridge with topped O.P.I polka.com (anyone else find you have to fish a bit for the big pieces?). The ring finger and index is Wet n Wild shade through the grapevine stamped with Gals plate GA14 using Nails inc Westminster. Middle finger is a-england Guinevere topped with FGT’s Lily lavender. Chowder is stamped with Konad black.

Thank you 🙂

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