Nov 292012 Tagged with 4 Responses

Christmas challenge

I told my self, and my fiancé I wouldn’t ever do a challenge. It would infringe on my not wasting polish oddity. That all changed today, because look what I’m doing…..

I am going to get a start on it probably Friday. Now i have to say Kristine from pink & polished made me feel extremely welcome when I first started blogging (I say it like its been years haha). She is great people! Lorene over at over polished has all the details. Just click her name and it will lead you there. For me its the perfect challenge as its not everyday. Slightly scary that I just planned it out.

o.O….To say wasn’t ever going to do a challenge I’m certainly dedicated already. Wes over at polish me manly managed to convince me to do it. I’m looking forward to it!!!


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