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Coral leaf

Seems that my nails get done twice a week, and I’m ok with that. Firstly I don’t often get chipping, and even then its at the five day mark. The five day mark was last saturday, and your seeing pictures from late last night. Yeh I’ve been a busy bee. Buzz.

Last saturday my order from rainbow connections which included part of my friends birthday present, and wingdust coral leaf, as I’ve been making eyes at it for a while. Would have snatched wingdust ocean tears as well, but a las it was sold out.

My aunty decided she wanted coral leaf on, and I’m telling you all know she is a pain in the ass good job I love her. She’s so fidgety and always moans about something. You know when she’s holding something in. This is all narrated by “if you don’t shut up moaning I won’t do it again” my mom “I don’t know why you bother doing them for her”. Anyway she liked the colour and that was the end of that!

windust coral leafThis is 3 coats of coral leaf. Application is easy peasy and there is no fishing for gold flakes yay.

shells and starfishThe coral which seems orange on these photos is Essie sunday funday. Another one that hates me what am I doing wrong with them. 4 thin coats it took 4 and then I gave up. Seems SV worked some juju and theres no more streakiness. Sunday funday was a present and my friend got herself one. She had no problems, but she applied 2 thick coats.

mix and match beachy lookCan you see the coral particles in coral leaf? They are a nice surprise.

essie sunday fundayPlease ignore the tip wear. On my little finger I stamped with the moyou sailor plate, and on my index finger I added some shells from the shop, and a starfish I am going to eventually stock in the shop.

Thank you for reading :).

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