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My mani was DOOOOOOOOOMED from the start last night! Thanks to Nails inc Holland park. Now I hate to slate Nails inc, because I love the brand BUT I mean come on what were they doing when coming up for the formula for this one. Holland park is part of the neon collection. It doesn’t look very neon in the bottle which I’m ok with as I’m not big on neon. The colour however is the perfect purple for winter. So last night me and my fiancé were chilling out watching TED, and I’m painting my nails. By the second coat I’m like huh shouldn’t I have full coverage by now :/. By the fourth coat I’m like WTF are you kidding me!!! It took five coats for full coverage, to say I wasn’t pleased was an understatement. One thing I really couldn’t wrap my head around was why it was drying matte when it’s not advertised as a matte polish. It appeared to dry fast, but it was a trap. I knocked the tip off of something after 20 minutes drying time and it pushed the polish up my nail; I did manage to smooth it down. After the polish stressed me out I decided to leave the rest of my mani till today.

I’m trying to find a new hand pose where my hand doesn’t cramp or look like a claw. The seche vite bottle seems the perfect size for my hand. I got creative with my backdrop again. Protective packaging this time.

This mani was meant to be my first attempt at a ruffian manicure. Due to the fact my hole reinforcer stickers weren’t big enough for nail it didn’t happen. Free handing is not my forte either. I wanted something quick and easy. Enter my dotting tools and masking tape. This was the outcome. Horrible :(.

Look at the mess of this hand pfffffff. I really didn’t want to blog this, but the point of my blog was to document my progress. For the detailing I used Nails inc park street which is a great fine lilac glitter (I’m working through my set of 15 minis my fiancé brought me so far I’ve used 3). I think my french tips are too big too. Turns creating uniform dots isn’t something I’m great at either. Can you tell I really dislike this manicure?! I bet your thinking why not just remove it, but it seems a waste of polish and effort. So there’s my DOOOOOMED mani people.

Polishes used: Sally Hansen double duty. Seche vite top coat, Nails inc Holland park and Park street. Dotting tools. Masking tape.

If anyone has a dupe for Holland park let me know as I adore the colour please.


P.S. sorry about my fowl language.

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