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Endless entertainment

I’m back! Ok so I didn’t really go anywhere but between the end of semester, some personal issues, feeling crappy, and running the shop I haven’t really had time to blog. Today was the end of my semester at university WOOOOOO. Needed to get that out after two hellish assignments. I’m also trying some new medication for my migraines except I’m sure it’s messing with my taste buds, I can’t taste sugar in my tea :O. On a positive note I have managed to paint my nails twice. I’ve just realised its been two weeks since I last blogged, yet it seems like a lot more. I will shut up waffling now.

This post has a theme……drum roll please……THERMALS! You can never be bored with a thermal.

lacquer lust just and illusionHere is Lacquer Lust just an illusion in its cold state. A deep charcoal grey.

ll justa an illusion trasitioning

Slowly getting warmer.

ll with tree

and BAM it’s a lighter shade of grey. The formula was perfect on application. My only moan is it dried slightly matte, but I seche vite nearly everything. Please excuse the tip wear it had been on 5 days before I took pictures. For a quick christmas facelift I added some trees from Sea Sells Seashells on my accent nail.

Beware the next lot of nails are on the thick side :/.

therma with undieMy undie was a 3 coater :,(. I swear it was only 2 coats last time I used it. The only reason I tried undies was to see what it looked like, as I had previously used fairy flurries on my sister with no undies. Fairy flurries is clear when warm, then transitions to a lovely purply pink.

transition with candy caneJaded nail co fairy flurries has such a pretty glitter mix. It even made me like itty bitty circle glitter which I usually dislike. I won this in a naming the polish competition. It was such a surprise to see on my dinner break in midst of a busy day. Thank you to everyone who voted again!! I will definitely be skipping the undies next time I use it. The snowflake and candy cane are all from She Sells Seashells too.

Thank you for reading :).

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