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Etude house is making my childish dreams come true

Warning: this isn’t a normal polish blog post.

Yes a rather lengthy title, but sometimes it is needed!

As a child I liked Disney. Bambi and Beauty and the Beast being my favourite, but then it involved into a full blown love affair as I got older. I honestly am trying very hard not to purchase all the limited edition shiny sleeved Disney dvd’s. And yes when I went to Disney land florida you can bet your bottom dollar I stalked all the characters for photos. My favourite being Meeko.

So with all that in mind my friend went to Singapore. I had just started my job at the college, and forked out most of my money on work wear. Whilst she was over there I noticed Etude had released a Disney line!!! Still I was behaved and she said she had seen a few bits. Then Annette posted the most fabulous Disney villains scarf a H&M Singapore exclusive. So I may have begged Saira to get me one if she found it. Well she did, and I got a few other Disney surprises from Susan and Lauretta!! Thank you yet again ladies!


Lauretta got me the frozen inspired hand cream which smells divine. Saira got me the scarf and Cinderella eyeshadow for Christmas, and Susan got me the Jasmine polish set!



It even has a little mirror on it, and everything!

Ok so this blog post may be all about pretty packing rather than showing you the products, and I have no shame in that because well I’m like that ha ha.


This eyeshadow has become a staple in my work make up, but lets talk about the pretty packaging! Each of the three eyeshadows have a different coloured pattern on top. I’m hoping to purchase the other two as they are all earthy tones.

IMG_5820All of the nail polishes come in little book boxes which are truly adorable!


Now do you see why I’m in love with this brand?! and the scarf. Hoping to buy 2 of the lipsticks, a blusher and the other 2 eyeshadows from the range.

Thank you.

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