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Even better

for myself personally anyway. I feel madly in love with different dimensions I only have ice for you. Resistance was needed, then it became impossible simply due to no polish funds. Booo. It got me thinking I could use my Iconic effect holo topcoat and a very sparse silver glitter to get the look of the dd polish. Then it came to me…..why not use O.P.I pure over the holo topcoat. I tested it out.

layering topcoatsFluffing love the combination of the two even better than the dd. Yay for layering and saving money!! Even though it’s way off looking like the dd I feel the flakes stand out more than the silver glitter in the dd polish. Now to lust after a different dd polish ;).

I’m not going to touch on the blue polish, as it needs a spectacular manicure to show it off. The above is not spectacular.

On another note it seems I’ve got myself into blogging late at night, which is really bad. Need to kick that habit for when I’m back at university.

Thank you for reading.

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