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Everything BUT the kitchen sink challenge 1

Challenge time!! I wasn’t going to do another challenge, but Inky and Nicole persuaded me. The challenge is for 4 weekends. The mani’s can include anything, and everything. I’ve never done a kitchen sink mani before. It’s forced to become adventurous with designs. Kitchen sink mani’s are quite fun.


On the day I agreed to the challenge, I had only just done my nails. Instead of starting from scratch, I recycled my mani. I wanted to incorporate lines, and a matching colour scheme. Sometimes it’s scary how serious I take these things in my brain o.O.


On my thumb I attempted a glitter gradient with a make up sponge. It kind of worked. I couldn’t get the glitter to bulk up near my cuticle, so I dabbed some off the brush on. I chose the shade treasure island to pick up the teal glitter in my base colour.


On my index finger the striping tape came out to play. I used my boyfriend scales the walls to create horizontal lines. Somehow I managed to chip it on the end in my sleep. My middle finger I dotted vertical lines with treasure island. I kept my chevron pattern on my ring finger, and left my pinky finger plain to showcase my indie polish.

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty. Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in green tea. Wonder beauty products in aphrodisiac. O.P.I my boyfriend scales the walls. L.A Colors color craze in treasure island. Seche vite. Dotting tools. Make up sponge. Stripping tape. Stamping plates.

I just noticed on my middle finger I missed it doing clean up. Sorry!

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