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Everything BUT the kitchen sink challenge 2

At first I thought these kitchen sink mani’s were going to take ages to do. Turns out they don’t. I do have the assistance of Seche vite though. For this kitchen sink mani I went with pink and pearlescent for my colours. I like using less colours as possible makes it into more of a challenge.


I was in such a rush only 2 nails turned out how I wanted them to. My thumb turned out so bad first time round. Originally it was a gradient tape mani, but I dented it with a bobby pin when I was getting ready. Plain it became. Then my index finger was supposed to be a Saran wrap accent like my ring finger. First time round the base colour hadn’t dried, then the second time I thought I had put SV on top but had forgotten too. Third time I ran out of drying time so it smudged the bottom coat too. So I decided right dots it is. The first dot I did came out oval *face palm*. It wasn’t too noticeable once I tried to fix it up. On the middle finger can you see that hint of pink by my cuticle? Well I tried stamping, and it didn’t go right. Slapped some glitter on to hide that disaster.


Lets move onto the good nails. My ring came out perfect first try. Skeeter had done a saran wrap mani that day, and it kicked my butt into trying it out. In my head the pinky finger looks like a gingham pattern. Used my stripping tape to create the look. This mani could have turned out a lot worse, as in 2 hours I did my mani, ironed one handed, got my hair and make up sorted, and then got changed. That’s super fast for me!!

I do have to say it’s not a very me mani due to the colours. It is wayyyy too girly.

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty, Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in casting call, Paul & Joe in sprite, Nails inc in Devonshire street, Seche vite, stripping tape, dotting tools and Saran wrap/cling film.

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