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Everything BUT the kitchen sink challenge 4

My hesitation to joining this challenge was unneeded. This challenge has been really easy, and perfect being 1 challenge a week. Now as you’ve probably noticed I like to recycle old mani’s/swatches. I can’t bring myself to remove my mani’s after a day unless I can’t stand it, its way too messy or there’s a huge chip. Making an old mani into a kitchen sink mani takes less time than removing the old one, and starting fresh.

Any guesses which mani I didn’t want to remove at all? Nails inc Covent garden ballet!!! I may be a tad obsessed with that little bottle.

nails inc covent garden ballet

On my thumb I attempted my first gradient without glitter polish involved. Index finger how I love thee! Ever since I viewed Polly’s triangle tape manicure it became MUST TRY O.O. A kitchen sink mani seemed the perfect time to try it. I gotta give it to Polly she must have some real good patience. It’s a bit fiddly to do, but the results are worth it. My niece peeled the tape of, so I didn’t get wet polish on my other nails. My middle finger I left plain, because the colour is amazing. My ring finger is stamped with bundle monster 215 plate using Covent garden ballet again. Those little triangle gem’s have been on my to use list for a while. They compliment the triangle tape accent rather well. The only downside side to the triangle gems is they are thick. Which makes applying top coat a bit annoying.

Decisions, decisions which kitchen sink mani has been my favourite? This one. Challenges force me try me things which is great. Usually I avoid things as I think no way am I going to be able to do that. Yes there may be some things I’m rubbish at, but a majority of the time it turns out I can do it.

Products used: Sally Hansen double duty. Nails inc Covent garden ballet and The Thames. Bundle monster plate 215. Striping tape. A sponge. Triangle gems and Seche vite.

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Thank you

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